5 Trendiest Decor Ideas For a Cozy Winter Wedding


Winter is coming.

And so is that much awaited winter wedding.

Now, throw in a bunch of questions regarding shopping, destination and decor and you can easily find anxiety and a headache crawling in sneakily.

Not to worry, mate. We’ve got some of it covered for ya!

We believe that everyone deserves a magical beginning. So, how about making your special day worth remembering by transporting yourself to a fantasy filled realm?

Sounds about right. Here’s to ideas meant to lighten up that event.

Come, let’s explore!

1. Floral Chandeliers


Isn’t that’s how most stories start?

And, it’s only fair to take it up a level with decor that blossoms into a beautiful winter wedding. There are numerous ways to make use of floral decor on your special day, but chandeliers composed of flowers are surely going to be a unique, mesmerising twist.

Get ready to spellbind your guests by decor that seems like it is straight out of a fairy tale.

2. Elegant Tablescapes

Bring more to the table than what is expected.

This season, get ready to turn tables (and heads) with your winter wedding aesthetic.

Go beyond ceilings and staircases, and move onto the obvious yet unexplored area – tables. It’s true that we often miss out table decor when it comes to weddings when it’s a pretty simple way to beautify your ceremony.

Our suggestion would be to opt for a mix of minimal drapes and botanical elements. A good idea would be to choose table props which give off a cozy vibe.

Look for options, you can even ask for a customised ideas. Experiments are never a bad idea. Remember, it’s all about the right combination.

3. Light it Up

Some trends are classics.

And weddings with lights are one of them. So, how about going with the classics in an unusual way and bringing that favorite onscreen wedding of yours to life?

Yes, we’re referring to illuminating your event (and mood). You can go for dimly lit decor such as props inspired from the nature with subtle light. Or, you can always turn back to the old school candle lights! Yes, who doesn’t love that?

Add warmth and coziness to your winter wedding with lights this season.

4. Neon is On

Neon and a winter wedding can never go wrong!

Neon signs, often used in decor for a bold, edgy look can very well be transformed into cozy, homely decor when done the right way. Flowers and neon signboards make for a good pair when it comes to wedding decor.

The names of the couple, initials or a heartwarming message, opt for any and breathe life into your winter wedding.

You can always make use of goblets and chalices as props to complement the neon sign. However, our advice would be to choose just one other element with a neon sign instead of a bit of everything. If you can’t choose, then a neon sign with a solid, dark backdrop is just as good of an option.

You can try a few options beforehand to understand what complements your wedding aesthetic before making a decision.

5. Blossoming Backdrops

Nothing beats elegance.

Life-sized floral wreaths or drapes lined with roses, what is a better backdrop for a wedding that’s only heard of in stories?

With backdrops meant to warm up that event, get ready to watch your fairy tale begin to take form of reality. And while you make up your mind about the same, a suggestion would be to go for a minimal and elegant option.

Choose the right flowers, colors and props to match your winter wedding theme and remember to enjoy and have fun while you are at it.