Viral Fashion Moments 2020: Reflecting On The Most Eccentric Year In Fashion

Viral Fashion Moments 2020: Reflecting On The Most Eccentric Year In Fashion

2020, as we know it, has indeed been very ‘viral.’

This year was anything but peaceful, from the pandemic to struggles for justice, every part of the world had its fair share of events. Amongst all this chaos, the only thing keeping us sane was our FYP across all social media platforms and the memes, fun challenges, and viral fashion moments that infiltrated the said pages. The viral fashion moments 2020 started with strong red carpet looks and are ending with new definitions of masculinity and inclusivity. Below is a reflection on the most unconventional year for fashion.

Grammy town road

The year started by taking the good ol’ red carpet road to Grammys with the presence of all the voices on our playlists. While Billie swept all the major awards dressed head to toe (even nails!) in Gucci, Billy Porter brought fashion to the musical gala in his sparkling blue Baja East jumpsuit dipped in rhinestone fringes and a wide motorized hat.

The ‘Thank you, next’  Cinderella stepped on the carpet in a Giambattista Valli princess gown with her signature high pony hairstyle and classic diamond jewels, while Lil Nas X turned heads in hot pink Versace as he took home the Grammy for Best Music video and Best pop duo.

Jungle dress 2.0

The dress that gave birth to Google images in 2000 after JLo graced the red carpet of Grammys in it just got revamped at Versace Spring Summer 2020 during Milan fashion week, The star strutted down the runway, closing the show in a new plunging dramatic neckline, adornments, and cuts as the audience rose from their seats, recreating history yet again.

Tiny bag energy

History teaches us that scandalous styles eventually become the next new normal, similar is the case with the Jacquemus‘ mini bag. Since its introduction, the bag has been constantly in talks where it was trolled indefinitely. Cut to now when it has quickly become a fashion statement following the admiration of Rihanna and the Kardashians. The bag continued to shrink in size as the fashion seasons passed and has now reached a trend-setting point of transforming itself into accessories.

More covers than Vogue

They say “Visualize and Manifest it into reality;” such is the case for these young creatives who started #voguechallenge in a bid to promote diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry in June. Mockups turned into reality as the most stunning covers created by hundreds of diverse people from around the globe featured in Vogue UK following the huge social media trend.

Gaga oh la la

A Gaga World! There hasn’t been one event which Gaga attended and wasn’t the talk of the town. The “Chromatica” singer offers more than just her vocal skills to the industry; she brings drama, ambiance, costumes, and an overall package that makes her hard to forget. Gaga brought her A-game to the MTV VMA’s with her custom-made costumes and protective gear for the socially distant event. The star was joined by Ariana Grande in equally iconic costumes of metallic purples, high tech masks, and glitter makeup for their Collab “Rain on me.”

Taste like Strawberry

The most sudden 2020 viral fashion moment was when ‘The Dress‘ with pink flowy tulle, plunging neckline, and glitter strawberries started emerging on everyone’s screen in August. The cottegecore dress is designed by self-taught Lirika Matoshi and was worn to the Grammys by Tess Holiday back in January. The dress soon got its updated versions in black, co-ords, mini dresses, and even masks!

The world is your oyster

Pearls are always appropriate

Jackie Kennedy

Pearls came in the front row of 2020 viral fashion moments as the commercial adornment pieces started to transition to the runway. The delicate nature of pearl has been molded into sculptural inventions, statement jewelry, and even makeup. As the pearl bralettes and hair accessories gained momentum, the opulent material was recreated in every contemporary and commercial way possible.

Not your local ‘Egirl’

In a year that saw TV shows and Kpop giants taking the retro road, the 90s supermodel streaks came back to spice up our modern E-girl looks in quarantine with framing highlights in a different, preferably bold shade that creates high contrast with the base hair color in front of the face.

This fashion moment of 2020 caught fire when Dua Lipa and Kim Jennie swayed us in their respective music videos.

Pandemic protection partner: Luxury

The French couturiers were quick to provide their ateliers for the production of protective gear for health care workers by repurposing their resources and putting their skills to work. However, the brands were also swift to capitalize on the ongoing pandemic with their monogram logo masks, luxurious sanitizers, gloves, and gowns.

New emblem

Marine Serre’s moon print is now an Instagram staple and a celebrity favorite, worn by the likes of Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Blackpink, Dua Lipa, and Lorde.

The Parisian designer has successfully achieved cult status with revamped versions of the monogrammed moon leggings, turtlenecks, tops each passing fashion season, and in every possible color combination.

Gucci Gang

Who wouldn’t want to model for the Italian label? The brand quickly started trending in the second half of the year when teens took to TikTok and Instagram Reels to turn themselves into Gucci models to an original soundtrack by @unofficiallachwatson under the #Guccimodelchallenge. The teens brought their A-game to the dress-up game with their turtlenecks, print-on-print layering, oversized coats, dramatic scarves, bootleg pants, and some serious color blocking skills.

Fashion but make it wholesome

Did these wholesome images of Grandmas and flowers save 2020? Most definitely yes!

The South Korean photographer Min Hyun-woo instantly related the theme of “Hope” for the Vogue September issue to his grandmother and her optimism. The sight of this halmoni (“grandma” in Korean) grinning while playing with leaves and flowers left the internet feeling warm and fuzzy all over. The photographer presented the new terms for beauty and grace to the mainstream industry as these grandmas posed with poise and elegance that puts supermodels to shame.

Fat tax

The platform of Instagram has been a pioneer of many changes. “Fat tax” is the latest one and a much needed too. Brought into the spotlight by the industry watchdog “Dietsabya,” it soon picked up its pace as the affected individuals started pouring in their responses. “The more the fabric, the more the cost” was the way of phrasing the overcharged garments to the plus-sized population, which after a flood of messages bore the advocate of change from “Gauri and Nainika” by taking a small step towards the representation of diverse people.

‘Golden’ Boy

‘Bring back the manly man,’ mocked the conjectured star of New Masculinity in response to the criticism received for his December cover. Harry Styles ignited sparks at the social platforms for two relevant discussions, one being the first man to be on the cover of Vogue US in 128 years and the second being gracing the said cover wearing a Gucci “dress.” For Styles, his friend, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, custom made a lace-trimmed creation, paired with a double-breasted tuxedo jacket while calling the cover “Revolutionary.”