Top 20 Onscreen Weddings Which Gave Us Major Wedding Goals

Top 20 Onscreen Weddings Which Gave Us Major Wedding Goals
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The wedding wonder leaves most of us starry-eyed, be it the intoxicating fervor of a loved one’s nuptials or a picturesque onscreen wedding. TV and movie weddings hold a special charm as they often concentrate such emotion in a span of minutes that it holds us rapt.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some onscreen weddings which, on account of their decor, styling, vows and the general sentiment attached to the execution have made a special place in our hearts and inspired trends. 

1. Sex and the City– Carrie and Mr. Big

sex and the city wedding
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Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship is anything but conventional, with numerous highs and lows. The same unfolds at this attempt down the aisle where, followed by a photo shoot for Vogue, Carrie’s gifted a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress that “upped the ante” and is dressed to the nines (with a literal feather, not under a cap though) only to end up being jilted.

sex and the city Big's proposal
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Things take a turn when the couple reunites in the walk-in closet that Mr. Big had gotten built for Carrie and ponders how they were perfectly happy before they decided to walk down this road of ‘happily ever after.’ Big proposes to her, not with a diamond ring, but with diamond-studded Manolos and they resort to a simple ceremony at the City Hall. While our onscreen diva can pull off any look and make heads turn, she’s satisfied to have this private little thing with her partner and her girls.

2. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1- Bella and Edward

twilight wedding scene

Bet you didn’t imagine marrying into the Cullens would be a walk on roses, did you? Turns out, even the supernatural can’t say no to flowers! Amid enchanting music, Bella walks the literal flower path in this fairytale (made undeniably irresistible to my teenage self by the fact that the man waiting for her at the altar is the gorgeous, gorgeous vampire, Edward Cullen) that gives us a riveting winter wedding vista.

3. Veere di Wedding– Kalindi and Rishabh

Veere di Wedding is a celebration of womanhood and also a style guide for the special moments in life. From letting your hair down at the club to a sassy mehendi, Kalindi and gang always have their best (and most stylish) foot forward.

Just this one wedding scene is oozing with nuptial excellence- the phoolon ki chadar born by the bride’s girl gang, the floral wonder that is the venue, Sonam’s mint lehenga, Swara’s organza cape, Shikha’s brocade outfit. What gets entrenched in our memories the most from this onscreen wedding, however, is the revamped Indowestern attire Kareena is decked in- a 25-year old Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla vintage piece– complete with foliage accessories that make her look like a floral goddess.

4. Gossip Girl– Chuck and Blair

There’s no enrapturing orchestral music here but the blaring of sirens as they say “I do.” As one of the most legendary TV couples, it was only fitting that Chuck and Blair’s wedding was just as much of an adventure as the rest of their relationship. Having abandoned her American princess dreams, Blair meets her match in Chuck and they vow to never be boring, something they continue to hold on to as they tie the knot in a rushed ceremony.

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5. Crazy Rich Asians–  Araminta and Colin

crazy rich asians wedding scene

It doesn’t get more romantic than a mellifluous rendition of the Elvis classic, does it? The river literally flows in this stunning chapel wedding as the bride makes a bewitching entrance with her gorgeous tropical bouquet amid the firefly glow. Clad in a custom piece by the movie’s costume designer Mary Vogt, the bride Araminta actually walks on water. The ancient chapel is transformed into the Garden of Eden and thus, the gothic castle meets the verdant paradise.

6. Sex and the City– Anthony and Stanford

Anthony and Stanford’s wedding, despite the non-traditional rules they’d set for themselves, follows the norms for exuberance worthy of the pages of Vogue. With a crooning choir, swans, shimmering crystals and the maid of honor as chic as suited Carrie donning a stunning lace headgear, this onscreen wedding has never left our minds.

7. 27 Dresses– Jane and Kevin

27 dresses wedding bridesmaids

Jane and Kevin’s rustic beach wedding pays an adorable tribute to Jane’s journey, and she gets 27 bridesmaids out of it! This moment of peace and happiness comes after much wedding-related melodrama, ‘bridezilla’ moments and sibling spats. Katherine Heigl is an absolute beauty in her classy attire and some delicate white blooms in her hair. 

27 dresses wedding

8. 2 States– Minti and Duka

2 states Alia Bhatt wedding look

While Krish and Ananya‘s own wedding with a temple backdrop is a sweet (and sentimental) affair- Alia looks angelic in the Benarasi lehenga- here we’re taking a look at a typically lavish Punjabi wedding with the drums rolling and feet thrumming! An outsider who finds herself at the other end of the country, Ananya steals hearts in her kanjivaram silk saree and gajra-adorned hairdo. The elaborate onscreen wedding is a riot of light and colors, doused in ostentatious drapes, an array of lanterns and a ton of marigolds. 

9. A Walk to Remember– Jamie and Landon

a walk to remember wedding scene

Keep your tissues ready when watching this classic. Jamie and Landon tie the knot at the local church and while Jamie makes a lovely bride in her lacy veil, what squeezes our hearts is the character development and an immortal love story that have led to this moment. The solemn exchange of vows guarantees that not all weddings need to be about the pomp and glitter, it’s the promise of forever that matters.

10. Aisha– Aarti and Dhruv

Matchmaker Aisha turns up to her best friend’s wedding in one of her simpler looks from the movie- a Kasavu saree with a gajra-wrapped side bun- and it’s a classic! So is our bride in the traditional South Indian garb. The red, white and golden wedding theme finds beautiful intercultural harmony. We especially loved the glinting parasols and the little floral details lining the tents and mandap.

11. Jodha Akbar– Jodha and Akbar

A royal wedding that features two of history’s famous figures? Jodha remains a steady source of inspiration for the traditional Indian bride starring in her own big fat Indian wedding. We have palaces, horses, trumpets, floral showers and even some fun and games as the emperor lifts the veil, recognizing his bride- clad in a simple yellow outfit but heavy kundan jewelry. 

For the actual wedding, our blue-eyed beauty Aishwarya makes everyone go “Whoa!” in a richly embroidered red ensemble and an ornate necklace befitting an empress. This epic onscreen wedding continues to awe and the entire movie serves for some great inspiration for a palatial wedding theme.

12. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim– Miso and Young Joon

Park Min Young looks breathtaking as she walks down the aisle, arm in arm with Park Seo Joon. This onscreen wedding wows with its subtly moving moments, the vibrant green tropical decoration juxtaposed with floating candles placed in tall glass tumblers and the cheerful table centerpieces that match Min Young’s tulip-encrusted wedding bouquet. The highlight of her bridal attire is the silver clip pinning the veil in place!

13. My Big Fat Greek Wedding– Toula and Ian

Toula’s family might be overbearing, but the wedding scene makes for a wonderful reconciliation. The fruit analogy- absurd as it maybe- is also apt and makes us crack up. This onscreen wedding is loud, as ones with overly passionate family members tend to be, and it warms our hearts.

my big fat greek wedding

14. How I Met Your Mother– Lily and Marshall

Lily’s a runaway bride here (but with the groom right by her side. The two get married on a boat. While the wedding is a low-key affair under the stars, befitting the most enduring relationship on TV, this episode too is a whole lot of fun.

15. Zindagi na Milegi Dobara– Laila and Arjun

Laila and Arjun get married in a boisterous ceremony which, apart from Katrina’s obviously stunning bridal look and flower tiara, also gives us some scenic outdoor wedding decoration inspiration. The ambiance is certainly relaxed and is replicated in the photography that follows the ceremony with cheeky poses and photo-bombing. From a giant floral heart floating on the lake to the swing bathed in colorful florets, this wedding is a beautiful floral fiesta.

16. Bride and Prejudice

Intercultural relationships come with their whole ‘nother baggage and the beauty of the romance is in how the couple chooses to tackle it. Bride and Prejudice has the drama, the festivity, a plethora of magnificent ethnic wear and most importantly, a Punjabi wedding. Every one of Aishwarya’s looks had us hooked and then there were minor details like the sparingly strung carnation veil and sunshine marigolds. Mr. Darcy taking a liking to the dhol was certainly a sight!

17. The Vow– Paige and Leo

With a wedding dress that could just as well double as a prom dress, the officiator donning a hat à la Mad Hatter, deeply personalized vows that might just propel waterworks and a kiss under The Bean, Paige and Leo‘s hasty wedding at the Art Institute of Chicago is fun, heart-warming and bordering on illegal! The movie is a tear-jerker but this memorable onscreen wedding is unexpectedly fast-paced as the couple who always find their “way back to each other” reunite with renewed vigor.

the vow wedding
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18. Kites– Natasha and Jay

kites wedding

The movie’s action-packed sequences are followed by this lovely moment of repose and revelry in the form of a traditional Mexican wedding. In its rustic setup, Natasha and Jay‘s country wedding is a dream. Barbara Mori plays a bride aglow and steals the show with her smile. Take note of all the floral hairdos and the venue teaming with color, mostly in the form of ribbon-like streamers.

19. Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania

Yet another Punjabi wedding to jot down D-day notes from! We have a flurry of string lights coiled around the flora, hanging light bulbs, a studded stage, mandala pattern dance floor and vividly painted frames as the most outstanding embellishments that lend this wedding its exuberant color. Super fun in a yellow lehenga, Alia Bhatt is essentially desi bridesmaids’ goals.

20. Gossip Girl– Lily and 

lily and bart bass wedding
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This Upper East Side wedding had a distinct flavor that skilfully blended timeless elegance with the contemporary experimental spirit. The classy garden party was adorned with vine-like florals- including the entrance and the chairs. Another thing we noticed was the rustic bouquet supported by skirting foliage. The star of the show, however, was indubitably Serena in her tiered high-neck ensemble with black details to match. 

Tell us which onscreen wedding made you laugh, had you bawling or restored your faith in love. Which of these would you like to recreate on your D-day?