Top 10 Scenic Villages Around The World

Scenic Villages around the world

Who wouldn’t want to leave the constant hustle-bustle and struggles of cities to escape somewhere quaint and tranquil?
Villages play a crucial role in reciting the tales of history, culture, and traditions. With their soothing rural landscapes, rejuvenating the eyes of city dwellers and their warm hospitality, here is a compilation of the 10 most scenic villages around the globe.

1. Sirince, Turkey

With cobbled streets, white-washed houses, ancient Greek architecture, and local wine- Sirince village in the district of Izmir, Turkey feels like a manifestation of your dream aesthetic. The village is said to be the place that Virgin Mary spent her last days in and was called “The Ugly Place” originally- Çirkince- but was then renamed to “The lovely place” or Sirince after it gained recognition for its beauty. The hills and houses amongst the orchards of summery fruits, vineyards, and warm villagers put Sirince on the top of the list.

2. The Slaughters, England

With no actual relations to killings, Slaughters comprises twin villages- the upper slaughter and the lower slaughter. The village is truly the epitome of the English countryside with its Cotswold charms of stone houses, thirteenth-century churches, and mills. The River Eye flows between the twins which are connected with grass-covered banks and quaint, small bridges.

3. Almora, India

Situated on the edges of Kumaon Hills of the snow-clad Himalayas, Almora is a hidden scenic village of Uttarakhand. Covered in luscious pine forests with diverse flora and fauna and providing mouthwatering cuisines, it is enough to mesmerize any soul who comes seeking solitude to the cultural capital of Kumaon.

4. Eyeries, Ireland

Established on the Wild Atlantic Way on the shores of Beara Peninsula, Eyeries is a colorful Irish scenic village with idyllic scenery, local pubs, gem-colored houses, quaint shorelines, and legendary sunsets. The village is also known for its ancient military history, myths, and legends. The village has ruins of a church and graveyard which dates back to the seventh century.

5. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a fairy tale town offering serene landscapes, salt mines, and colorful streets with an unmatched view of the Alps. Hallstatt is the most picturesque village on the banks of Lake Hallstatt, located in the grand Salzkammergut Mountains. The UNESCO town hosts more than 2,000 prehistoric graves, numerous sixteenth-century architectural pieces, snow colored swans, local delicacies, and panoramic views.

6. Yufuin, Japan

Who wouldn’t want to live in a Studio Ghibli town? Yufuin is a popular spot for hot spring resorts, followed by an array of art museums, cafes, local boutiques and has a magnificent background of the twin-peaked Mount Yufu. The Ghibli-lookalike town is surrounded by paddy fields, Lake Kinrinko, and shrines with cafes creating mouthwatering Ghibli figurines.

7. Fenghuang, China

Fenghuang is a well-preserved ancient Chinese town with a galore of beautiful riverside architecture, temples, and scenic surroundings of mountains. It is said that aside from ancient colorful streets, narrow alleys, stepping stone bridges and a phoenix statue, the night is the time when the village really comes alive as the entire riverside lights up with fun and frolic and live music.

8. Mons, Belgium

The town of Mons offers dramatic views with gothic architecture and narrow cobbled streets which are very atypical of that region which is what makes it admirable. Belfry, a UNESCO tower, was constructed in place of the old clock tower and offers breathtaking views of the town and one can see far up to Brussels, which is 70 km away. Mons is also famous for Van Gogh’s house and statues, churches, town hall, museums- all Gothic masterpieces.

9. Saint Paul De Vence, France

The medieval French town is splendidly peaceful. Many elites, writers, artists, and free spirits wandered the streets of this village and created their world-famous works. The villagers have high regard for art which translates into their streets, shores, chapels, cemeteries, lakes, and gardens. Crystal-clear waterfalls, tranquil streets, and a lively town epicenter are just a cherry on the top.

10. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

The architecture of the town and castle is a blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. The town offers exciting vistas of 300 well-preserved historic buildings, a castle with 40 buildings, and palaces with splendid gardens. The Vltava river can be enjoyed by traditional wooden rafts and canoes. The scenic village, alongside spectacular views, also offers plenty of street performances, budding artists, music festivals, and local breweries.

The beauty of these scenic villages is best savored with your own precious self and your favorite cup of coffee in hand. Let us know which one of them makes it to your bucket list.