Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fashion Guide: 12 Amazing Styling Tips To Follow

Sarah Jessica Parker has aged gracefully from an onscreen fashion diva into a woman with a striking personal style statement. Her legacy of Carrie Bradshaw, the NY-based freelance writer and fashion connoisseur, persists via the show and the movies, her own shoe line, a religious fan following and Parker’s routine style excursions. 

Despite having distanced herself from the SATC persona in an interview where she said that playing the character has been a challenge because it’s so different from what she is in real life, Sarah Jessica Parker does owe her growth substantially to the reel-life fashionista she has come to embody.

Sex and the City is essentially a one-stop guide to flamboyance and an ostentatious display of materialism. While Carrie’s fashion over the decades has been a series of hits and misses, we sure can take a leaf (or few) from SJP’s book of fashion evolution through the decades with this beloved character. 

Below is a trip down the memory lane flooded with nostalgia while simultaneously looking forward to how Carrie’s character predicted trends for the times ahead.

1. Go big or go home

Extravagance is a skill mastered and a lifestyle embraced. From dramatic goodbyes to dinners in flamenco skirts, Carrie Bradshaw has always had a show-stealing presence.

Her fancy looks aren’t reserved for the runway. and dressing down is a term practically non-existent in her dictionary, whether it is for dog-walking around the block or quick grocery shopping. Sarah Jessica Parker in riotous colour combinations, feather boas and a liberal dose of tulle is a familiar sight, even outside red carpets.

2. Vacaying

Whatever Carrie does, she does it in style. As much as she’s a cosmopolitan diva treading the streets glammed up, she soaks in the local ambiance when on vacation too. Be it a flowy beach dress in a popping orange or her more eccentric, embellished garb in Sex and the City 2 which combined traditional Arabic flamboyance with contemporary, breathable clothing to bear the heat.

3. A hatrick indeed 

As much as Carrie loves to flaunt her iconic beach blonde waves, she’s upped her style game on multiple occasions with headgear that make heads turn. Knitted caps, vintage headgear, hats, office-chic berets,letterboy caps and even turban wraps have found a way in her daily wardrobe. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just want to add that oomph to your ensemble,

4. Miss-matched

The queen of print mixing has made a solid case for colorful skirts, printed cardigans, checks and summery prints. Color blocking, pairing horizontal stripes with vertical ones and throwing in clashing prints together is no big deal for our lady. She efficaciously layers up breezy dresses with shrugs in vibrant summery prints and teams up sunny pajama suits for a day look.

5. Tights to swear by

The idea is to not shy away from jarring, seemingly (or not) outlandish combinations. Confidence is a good look on anyone. And Carrie Bradshaw embodies it. Keep your legs snuggly warm and protect them from the assault of the weather while simultaneously adding an intriguing element to your dressing and extending your color palette.

Be it plain ones in solid colours, checkered neutrals or more flamboyant pieces that are as conspicuous as they get, these, as Carrie shows us, can be teamed up with dresses and tees to create some head-turning looks.

6. Loungewear in the limelight

Among the pioneers of athleisure, Carrie was experimenting with loungewear outside the confines of her home decades ago. She brought to the forefront the versatility of loungewear and led its journey from the bedroom to the red carpet. 

7. Metallics all the way 

Get into the bling ring with SJP with cool metallic colors, silky fabrics with riveting sheen and . It is admirable how she manages to mold this ritzy color palette into versatile day wear, casual outing and office-chic looks.

The actress has often been spotted with her signature smoky eyes and a ton of shimmer in her ensemble, making the city her runway, going glitter galore

8. 50 shades of a black dress 

The LBD is a quintessential item in every minimalist wardrobe, and Sarah Jessica Parker is just the person to look to for fashion inspiration on styling that black dress. From flimsy nightgown-esque pieces paired with vibrant tropical print shrugs to sleek and rustic black dresses that are a statement in their minimalism paired with heels that scream ‘diva,’ the actress has experimented with this wardrobe basic plenty.

9. Suit-able 

Both SJP and Carrie take their suits very seriously. Pinstripes, corset fits, bold prints, ruffles and bow ties all find a place in their wardrobes. For a buoyant, summer-friendly look, why not don a waistcoat and a chunky tie?

Long before culottes became formal fashion staples, our beloved star had already given us this hybrid between them and a suit, showing off her gorgeous legs. 

10. Coat-ed 

SJP shows how coats can be worn with absolutely anything- dresses, gowns, skirts and apart from being obviously functional, they add dimension and character to the look. Over the years, we have seen the thespian don numerous plaid coats, ones with polka dots and fancier prints and plain ones in light cotton or bulky winter-appropriate material. 

11. Them boots with the fur 

Another image that we have grown increasingly familiar with over the years- Sarah Jessica Parker and furs. Fur-lined coats and headgear have been her onscreen character’s go-to winter clothes while lighter, fluffier ones have been the life of her party in some unforgettable fashion moments over the years! 

Sarah Jessica Parker in fur
Source: Pinterest

Combat boots are part of Carrie’s quintessential winter gear and ankle-length boots are reserved for some of her fancier occasions. Grab one pair in basic black or brown and another shocker in a bright shade.

12. A Cinderella (shoe) story

Knee -high boots, mismatched shoes, flip flops, ankle length shoes, heavy duty boots- Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes have left a legacy of their own in the fashion world. It might be hard to imagine Carrie in anything other than stilettos but her range of footwear is just as impressive as the rest of her wardrobe.

Let us know which Sarah Jessica Parker looks stole your heart and which ones you’d like to recreate in the comments!