10 Hypnotizing Paper Art Installations That Challenge The Limits Of Medium

10 Hypnotizing Paper Art Installations That Challenge The Limits Of Medium

Paper is a chameleon when it comes to any kind of artistic interpretation, from writing life-altering proses to therapeutic paintings. The potential of this beatific medium is endless. Paper creates immersive worlds with its tangibility and strength that transcends time and place.

Displaying a massive range of adaptation, paper has been molded and transformed from a fragile piece to a resilient artistic medium that has led to incredible large-scale paper art installations with multiple aesthetics, contemporary techniques, unusual approach, and artistic concepts, unlocking a brand new realm of art!

1. Daniele Papuli

“I was fascinated by paper’s textures and by the structural potentialities of this alive, vibrating, and changeable matter.”

Daniele Papuli

Exhibited in the serene church of the Castle of Ischia is the intricate paper art installation by Daniele Papuli, a Milan-based artist and sculptor who describes his abstract hand-composed investigations of paper as “Sculptographies.” The omnipotent medium of paper stems from his fascination with the tactile and dynamic environment. Recommended by 10 Corso Como’s Carla Sozzani, this paper sculpturor fills his contemporary designs with dreamy features and lets his artworks form their own destiny.

2. Kotaro Horiuchi

Wrapped in soft light with time-slowing abilities, Kotaro Horiuchi’s paper cave is a multi-purpose room presented in association with Design Space Association. Inspired by their own architectural studio in Japan, the firm turned glass fiber paper and artificial marble into a series of consecutive arches with each layer curved in different ways to create the sense of a rippling ceiling. This undulating facade is lit up by irregular holes that are cut out of the surface, illuminating the Fusionner project.

3. G.F. Smith

Housed in London’s busy Oxford Street is the show space of legendary papermaker G.F. Smith which incorporates a showroom filled with everchanging installations with papers. For over 135 years, G . F Smith has been dedicated to the limitless possibility of paper and the desire to bring creativity and innovation to life through the malleable material. The paper art installation features towering cylinders of colorful paper in the composition of an “undulating seascape.” The second installation, exhibited in the full-length gallery window, displays rolls of multicolor paper seemingly floating through the atmosphere.

4. Cristina Parreño 

Parreño approaches her creativity through poetic narratives beyond human nature, technology, and geology that are embodied by her art exhibitions and architectural installations. Focusing on spatial speculations and temporal scales, Cristina Parreno, alongside MIT, suspended white cardboard tubes from the ceiling, formulating a varied topography in the VIP area of ARCOmadrid. Lights were orchestrated above the installation to illuminate the floor through the breaks in the tubes.

5. Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret

Similar to the hybridization of fashion and technology, Andrée is a practitioner of fusion of materials and methods that allows her to create dramatic accounts from her transdisciplinary perspectives. This Quebec-based artist constructs ephemeral installations from screen-printed and shaped paper modules that she further accumulates and develops into various arrangements of the geometric and organic system like her “The Matrix Room.” The room blurs the threshold between real space and conceptual space and plays with the perception of space.

6. Orproject

Displayed at The Brick House in New Delhi is the “Vana” installation of the Orproject. The paper forest created from triangular segments is stitched to mimic the veins found in leaves, backlit by LEDs. Keeping their ethos of ecology and sustainability at heart, Orproject developed a series of algorithms that digitally generate open and closed venation guides, maximizing their exposure to the light, creating a suspended tensile composition.

7. Mia Pearlman

Blurring the lines of reality and illusion are the works of the most celebrated paper artist, Mia Pearlman. Utilizing natural light, the “Inrush” paper art installation is a weightless ambiguous frozen world exploding through the door. Manipulated with ink, cutouts and cleverly placed shadows, Mia brought out the transient nature of reality and dimmed the distinctions between interior and exterior space.

8. PD Chueng, Jackie Wen

PD Chueng (New Media Artist) and Jackie Wen (Paper Artist) collaborated on the immersive and interactive work of art that urges people to see the beautiful depths of marine life and the dire situation due to the climate crisis. The series of the float is an intricate and extremely detailed paper art installation with motion sensors that evokes a sense of romanticism, belonging, and responsibility towards the detrimental effects of ecological disbalance on the mystic blue’s environment.

9. Studio 3A

Changing their appearance in the sunlight through the course of the day is the ephemeral “paper cloud” installation by Studio 3A on the occasion of Festival des Architectures Vives. Reflecting the cultural identities of each of the three architects, this site-specific installation constitutes 2000 laminated papers that slot over each other, forming a lightweight paper enclosure designed to reflect the monochromatic coloration of the historic site in Montpellier.

10. Zhu Jinshi

“Boat” is one of the most well known and successful works of Chinese artist Zhu Jinshi. Zhu’s  12-meter long installation is made of 8,000 sheets of preciously crumpled Xuan paper (rice paper) draped on pieces of bamboo suspended from the ceiling, depicting the theme of the journey from one cultural hub to another. Zhu is an immersive self-trained conceptual artist who has devised a wide range of installation works using diverse materials such as bamboo, stone, flour, and iron slabs, teapots, soy sauce bottles, stretcher frames, Buddha statues, and bicycles.