15+ New Year Gifts: Things Your Friends Need to Step into 2021

New Year Gifts 2021

The sun sets, only to rise again.

2020, which began with the ‘New year, new me’ energy, didn’t quite live up to our expectations. And while the glass is still foggy and the road loaded with snow, we’ve somehow managed to make it to the other end. 

Now, that you’re here all geared up for 2021, don’t forget that there’s no new year without new year gifts.

Come, put on your ugly sweaters and leather boots and take a step towards 2021. 

Here’s to a new beginning.

Breathe Life into That Room

Not all rooms are made equal, but all of them sure deserve the same treatment. 

Is New year just for us though?

This year, buy your family or friends some decor items because their rooms can make use of a little makeover to live up to the New year spirit. 

Together, let’s explore new year gifts to transform that room into a companion.

Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall Mounted Shelves New Year Gifts

These cube shelves make for a lovely yet useful gift option to help them sort their essentials and also sneak in cute show pieces.

Wall Mounted Candle Holders

Candle Holder

Help them light up that corner with these candle holders for these are the most adorable New year gifts one can ask for.

Birdcage Candle Holder

Birdcage Candle Holder

If you’re looking for new year gifts for the ones who love fancy details, then you know just what to choose.

Plant Stands

Plant Stand

Indoor plants, a terrace garden or one fully spread out in their outdoor scene, this minimal set of plant sets is a perfect gift for ’em plant parents.

Help them Declutter

Presents don’t always have to be fancy. This year, think of something meaningful.

Maybe something that can help them organize their kitchen or simplify their everyday tasks.

Here are some options for new year gifts which you might want to consider buying:

Utility Cart

New Year Gifts Utility Cart

With this mobile utility cart, help them simplify their everyday work.

Wine Rack and Glass Holder

Wine Rack New Year Gifts

Add a premium touch to their space with this classic wine rack and glass holder. Not only is it a treat to look at, but also a tool to help them declutter.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

This easy to assemble cabinet can help transform their kitchen space and save both time and efforts.

Best Gift Choice? Personalise!

All new year gifts aside, nothing beats a simple personal note with a heartfelt message.

If you are one for crafty messages,then here are few ideas to add a twist to your gift:

Photo Clips cum String Lights

Photo String Lights New Year Gifts

Polaroid gifts have been a rage since long now. If you have been considering gifting your friend something along the lines of this, then opt for this amazing mix of string lights and photo clips to accompany the photo prints.

Mini Message Bottles

Message Bottle

If you’re looking for cute little new year gifts, then this set of message bottles might just be the right option for you.

Messages in a Mason Jar

Message Jar New Year Gifts

A Mason jar with messages is like a level two of that gift option above. With all that space, don’t limit yourself to just messages but also sneak in some chocolates, prints and other things which sum up your bond with them.

Capsule Messages

Capsule Message

These quirky pills with messages inside are another option you can make use of if you’re going with a personalised gift option.

An Obvious Reminder

Sometimes, you don’t need to scour for multiple gift options, a gift that’s a reminder of all the new things which are yet to come along with another year is just as good of an option.

Yep, I’m talking about calendars. From desk calendars to wall calendars, we have sorted all options for you to choose from:

Motivation Themed Desk Calendar

Motivation Calendar 2021

After all that we’ve been through this year, it’s clear that we need a daily dosage of motivation and positive affirmations. If you agree, then your friend would too. Gift them something to get started.

Nature Themed Wall Hanging Calendar

Wall Hanging Calendar 2021

Nature’s a healer and if you’re looking for a gift that can help them keep their thoughts at bay, and make them realise that each day matters, then this one is for them.

Happy Blossoms Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar 2021

A ‘feeling of joy’ in the form of a calendar, that’s how I’d like to describe this calendar. With this, encourage them to smile with every glance they spare to this beauty.

Easel Desk Calendar

Easel Calendar

Art addicts and entrepreneurs? If this describes your loved ones, then this quirky little desk calendar is the perfect match for them.

A Mindful Encouragement

2020 is a proof that no matter who we are and what we might be capable of, we’re just as disintegrated as anybody else. 

We stand apart, but our emotions, sufferings and struggles unite us. With 2021 around the corner, remember that while everything unfolded onto us unexpectedly, all of us are still here. 

Be grateful for the lessons you learnt, the patience that you have managed, the kindness that has found a home in your heart.

Achievements, or the lack of any don’t matter as much as you do. Even if you think there’s nothing significant you managed to do this year, you really did. All of us did, we survived and are making it into another year.

Let’s be kind to one another and to ourselves. Let’s cultivate mindful habits and be stronger, together. 

Here are options to help you and your loved ones with the same:

Happiness Journal

Journal new year gifts

Theme based pages, note cards and quotes. You think there’s something better than this journal to start with habit building? Well, think again because there’s no competition.

New Adventures Journal

Adventures journal

Sometimes, we need new experiences to get better. If you’re looking up a gift for the one who is up that path, then this would be the best thing to accompany and keep a track of their journey.

Ultimate Goal Planner

Planning goes a long way. For people who like to keep themselves organise and plan ahead of time, then this planner is just what they need amongst their new year gifts.