Moodboard Of The Month: January Aesthetic 2021

Moodboard Of The Month: January Aesthetic 2021

It’s a new leaf turned and more promises made, New Year resolutions we’re determined to see our way through. The January aesthetic carries in itself the notes of this fresh start and of course, the lulling, euphoric fragrance of your favorite comfort foods.

The name January is derived from the Latin jānus that refers to a doorway, hence the Roman god Janus being a symbol of new beginnings. It became the first month in the Roman calendar in around 450 BC. the month has been historically referred to by many names, one of them being the Saxon “wolf month,” thus resulting in the full moon of January being called the “wolf moon.” 

As we bid goodbye to the confusing year that was 2020, tragic but also reaffirming faith in humanity, brimming with the hope of phenomenal women, the most eccentric year in fashion, we tune in like an eager beaver what might next be in store for us. 

2021 is the year of hope and a search for stability, a new normal perhaps. This is what the Pantone colors of the year- ultimate grey and illuminating- indicate. The solidity of grey flows wondrously into the effervescence of a sunshine yellow.

The building blocks of the January aesthetic

The birth flower of the month of January is the bell-shaped galanthus or snowdrop. This dainty, milky white winter blossom is associated with chastity in literature and in religion. The motif also carries a sense of endurance and permanence in the brute cold. Consequently, it is also a token of hope to convey that no season is eternal and that spring does come again. Other flowers significant to the month are carnations and camellias, the latter bearing special importance in the Japanese culture. 

Garnet, the brilliant birthstone of January, is most often spotted in startling shades of red. The gemstone is associated with protection against natural disasters and was also considered as an omen that could signal danger by turning pale. 

January is the month of warming your hands and yourself with your favorite brew and adding experimental zing to that one soup recipe passed down as family legacy. It’s sweater weather at its peak, soft snow piled up on fir trees, flattening under your shoes, your breath spun into cotton candy clouds that dissipate faster than you can blink. 

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost

So hit that winter playlist, get yourself that quintessential knitwear or indulge in the rustic pleasure of making your own- the joy of spinning something between your own two hands is indescribable, palpably so. Keep a mug (or pitcher) of your favorite coffee beverage ready and enjoy the warmth of a marshmallow-toasting perfect bonfire or the nostalgia of well-worn pages of a book or lose yourself in a whole new reality that is a webtoon.