Kpop Fashion Trends 2020: Kpop Goes Retro (And Slays!)

Kpop Fashion Trends 2020: Kpop Goes Retro (And Slays!)

2020 might just be the year of throwbacks in fashion with Kpop channeling the eras bygone and shows like The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown and Ratched beautifully nailing the fashion trends of the mid-1900s. The Kpop fashion trends 2020 seem to have been hit by nostalgia and look at the yesteryears, creating a gorgeous symphony of visual imagery and music to deliver some memorable hits. Let’s take a look at a few of these top fashion moments of 2020 for our latest retro inspiration.


2020 has been the year of experimentation for Gfriend- and each of them was a blast. From the velvety Apple to the fusion of disco pop and rock in Mago, the group has managed to create a versatile image for themselves and influence Kop fashion trends for 2020. While we saw them decked in glitter for the concept photos of Apple, they took a more classic approach for Walpurgis Night, changing from pastels and denims that were a hit in the 80s to recreating the 90s disco fever with a liberal dose of shimmer. 

The wardrobe for Song of the Sirens reinvents Gothic Victorian- mixing in ecclesiast-inspired details with grunge. The refurbished Mary Janes of the 90s make for an excellent accompaniment to the contemporary interpretation of the skirt suit. Flared trousers, high waist and relaxed silhouettes, which established their prominence in the 70s across sexes, are also amply used.

Our favorite: Sowon’s black n white tweed combo, with a headband to match (very Blair Waldorf) and Yerin’s sequin pants stole our hearts.


Amid the return of pre-war trends and the general carrying over of the style of the previous decade, it is safe to say that novelty in fashion in the 70s is indebted to music- punk and disco chiefly. Dynamite pays tribute to boybands such as the Jackson 5, the BeeGees, Run DMC and the Backstreet Boys as the boys dance their way through the decades in these retro-chic outfits.

The coordinated pastel ensembles, Kangol caps, loose cardigans and tinted glasses carry the 90s hip hop print (Suga’s matching LV set paired with a t-shirt perfectly encapsulates the leanings towards street fashion), transitioning to graphic tees, unbuttoned oversized shirts that take us back to the very beginning of the 21st century. 

BTS’s wardrobe for the music video and the subsequent performances is reminiscent of the Peacock Revolution that began in the late 60s, opening avenues for experimentation and intercultural influence in men’s fashion. A huge amount of colored denim, trousers comprising high waists, slits, pleats and a variety of fabrics like leather, bolder patterns in shirts and ties can be traced back to this era which heralded an unprecedented liberty in male dressing- quite fitting as BTS too, are leaders in challenging stereotypical perceptions of masculinity, much like Jaden Smith and Harry Styles.

The vibrant prints and colorful scarves wrapped around the neck, oversized cardigans and denims were also carried over to the glimpses of Season’s Greetings 2020 we got where the boys resorted to old school charm, complete with the trending hairstyles of the 90s- from the slick comb over to the perm. 

Our favorite: Jungkook’s blue denims are easily something we can imagine a young Leonardo di Caprio in. V, channeling Travolta throughout his performances, is absolute perfection in the green three-piece suit, the waistcoat elegantly accentuating the body lines. j-hope’s red leather-ish shirt too is a head-turner.


We don’t know about mint chocolate, but these pinup-girl-meets-high-fashion looks from the bubblegum-colored Ice Cream music video were most definitely a serve. While Selena takes the more traditional Hollywood babe approach with the polka dots, sailor cap and a sporty visor, the Blackpink members seem to have been inspired by the emergence of the pinup girl subculture later in the twentieth century. 

The tennis skirts from the 30s meet the headwear obsession of the following decades (Jisoo’s veiled beret is a winner). We also see a bunch of references to the 90s TV glam- Lisa’s fur coat and Rose’s plaid outfit have Cher energy. Rose’s flamboyant summer dress bears resemblance to the pin-ups of the 50s. Later in the video, the girls turn to more grungy looks popularized by the 90s music stars, the candy tones shifting to suave black and white.

Special mentions to Jennie’s side-swept half-up half-down hair, the adorable hair clips and headbands (especially the red tied one Jennie wore with curled hair), and the gorgeous eye makeup dominated by blue and rose gold. Blackpink has been at the fore of quite a few fashion moments that ruled 2020.

Our favorite: Jennie’s blue cat eye and the delicious crocheted outfits are just as hot as they are cute!


Both Make a Wish and 90’s Love, as the latter suggests, have NCT U showcasing a variety of trends that reigned over the decade. In Make a Wish, they channel hip hop bling with heavy gold jewelry and logomania, a trend that came into existence with the new Louis Vuitton logo and became a status symbol, as well as a tool for the brand’s storytelling. 

A tribute to the era of anti-fashion, 90’s Love has NCT U all fired up to win. With nostalgic shots of Dinosaur vs. Snakes and the 1990 All-Star Game set in a vibrant arcade and an ice hockey rink and quite a catchy tune, the boys carry the street style looks from the aforementioned music video in layered denims, graphic-print tees, hoodies and windbreakers. Loose shapes that bear the deconstructivist print, mix and match are other characteristics of the decade that saw couture join hands with sportswear. 

Our favorite: The sleek monochrome outfits stand out amidst the kaleidoscope of colors that floods the video. Sungchan’s denim shirt over a striped polo is another classic hit.


I can't stop me Twice
Source: JYP Entertainment

The impeccably coordinated sunny looks from the I Can’t Stop Me music video rely heavily on tartan plaid, a pattern that had transcended punk and grunge to high fashion in the latter half of the 90s. Twice has their Clueless moment, albeit updated. 

Twice eyes wide open
Source: JYP Entertainment

Down to business in chic greyscale, the girls’ outfits in the first looks of Eyes Wide Open mimic the influence of Chanel and YSL during the 60s in creating skirt suits and pantsuits. While Jeongyeon and Jihyo opt for more androgynous looks that were gaining momentum in those times, the rest of the group sports more modern cuts and silhouettes. The high-tailored suits, leather gloves, and pearls make them look like they’ve stepped straight out of an 80s magazine cover. 

Our favorite: Nayeon’s high-waisted shorts teamed with an embellished shirt and a matching headband have her looking like a doll. Supermodels got nothing on Sana with a layered choker necklace, leather boots and the blazer’s sculpted sweetheart neckline. The artistic eyeliners that the girls flaunt with their grey suits also have our love.


TXT weave another tale for us in an effortless, laidback style in the Blue Hour music video. Reminiscent of boybands from the late 90s and the early 2000s, these soft looks suit the boys’ youthful energy. Layered looks with denim jackets or patterned shirts over T-shirts and cardigans were an old school staple. There’s also some hippie inspiration of the times reflected in their carnival outfits. Pastels, cowboy hats and flannel make up most of the wardrobe and we’re here for it!

Our favorite: We ain’t getting over Yeonjun’s cropped pink jumper anytime soon. Beomgyu’s black ensemble was stunningly complemented by his permed hair and killer eye makeup.