Know Your Knits: 6 Basic Knitwear You Need In Your Winter Wardrobe

Basic Knitwear: 5 Knits You Need In Your Winter Wardrobe
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The season of hogging blankets and being pumped up on caffeine is here! If you’re looking for a knitwear guide to take you through the basic types of knit fabrics and patterns that never go out of style, read on.

The method of knitting is some 1500 years old and is believed to have originated in the Middle East. it can be done manually or by machines. It soon traveled to Europe and was established as an industry, the first knitting loom being built in 1816. Knitting is essentially the interlinking of loops and results in 2 basic types of knits- warp and weft knits. 

Though the history of knitwear development largely coincides with the setting up of wool mills, all knitwear isn’t necessarily warm and may make use of an array of fibers like wool, hemp, cotton and rayon. The use of spandex allows for an even stretchier fabric.

Jersey knitwear

Know your knits! Jersey fabrics are plain knit fabrics that are constituted from a variety of fibers- from wool to polyester. They may be slightly stretchy and have a smooth texture, perfect for making draped garments and tees that undergo more wear and tear. This smooth, versatile fabric makes for a major chunk of wardrobe basics and you’re definitely a lot more familiar with it than you might realize.

Rib knit 

Rib knits are a heavier version of the jersey fabric but are a lot more stretchy because of their stitching combinations. The characteristic ribbing comprises slightly raised vertical lines that lend texture to the fabric. Ribbed fabrics are most commonly used in winterwear but because of their comparatively lighter make, they’re also a favorite on both ends of the season, finding much use in dresses, tops and T-shirts. Because of their elasticity, ribbed fabrics are utilized in hemlines, necklines and sleeve ends. 

Both rib and jersey knits employ purl stitch. Ribbed suit sets and turtlenecks are an excellent choice for formal occasions while ribbed dresses and wrap-arounds are also flattering for an elegant party-ready look.


Crocheting is actually different from knitting, mainly on the basis of how the stitching sequences follow through. But we may look at crochet as knitwear because this becomes another increasingly familiar sight as fall approaches. The key to crocheting is that one stitch has to be finished before the next one begins. Crocheted knitwear is a boho aesthetic favorite but is also mixed with other styles for added intricacy of texture and dainty detailing.

Crochet craft is a whole world of its own and has definitely given wings to our imaginations. Crocheted outfits give off a laidback vibe and are best complemented by crisp cotton shirts, leather boots, fringe bags and beach waves!

Cable knit

Cable knits comprise bolder knitwear, giving a braided effect to the clothes. They are generally used to design chunky, oversized sweaters and cardigans but may also be found in scarves, leg warmers, etc. The cables can be arranged in a variety of ways and thicknesses to create intriguing textures.

You may also take out your knitting gear and get to work trying out the dozens of cable knit sweater patterns that are available online that show how wonderfully versatile this type of knit is. If you have a penchant for snuggling in swathes of cozy fabrics or would love for yourself a statement jumper, cable knitwear is a must for the winter wardrobe

Waffle knit

This is exactly how you’re imagining it- knitwear with the texture of waffles. They consist of evenly spaced squares which may be distinctly big or fine in size, depending on the fiber used. This is a subtle, more casual alternative to cable knits and its finer varieties can be used to substitute the clingier jersey for a comfortable look.

Loose knit

Loose knit basically refers to the range of knitwear comprising loosely woven patterns that could be anything from a dangling mesh to a tighter stitch with small holes. Also known as woven knits, such winterwear fits the boho aesthetic and is a chic layering option to consider for warmer days- basically the perfect layer to add to your fall OOTD!