Housewarming Checklist: 8 Things to Take Care of Before Hosting One

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Heartfelt laughter, mouth-watering food, delicious drinks.

And presents? Nah, presence!

That’s all you need for a housewarming that’s heartwarming.

Although a housewarming is more like a ‘drop-in’ event, preparations can still be daunting. If your head is in a mess with all the pending tasks after moving in, then don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Housewarming Traditions Around the World

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Pendaison de crémaillère or ‘hanging of the chimney’, a customary celebration that started in France to express gratitude to those who helped the hosts construct their houses has quite a history with various regional and cultural differences.

From Keun Ban Mai in Thailand to Gruh Pravesh in India, we have all witnessed our variations of the housewarming tradition that has evolved into a private, yet lively celebration.

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Moving in to a place is hectic and a housewarming, although an addition to that work, is strangely helpful in easing off the stress and extending a warm welcome to both old and new people alike. To help you break down all of that work into digestible sections, we’ve laid down the basics for you get started with your own event.

Housewarming Preparations: 8 Things to Check Off Your List

A Warm Welcome

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The first task is planning out the details of the housewarming party. Start with making a guest list- family, friends and even new neighbors to extend a hand of friendship. Once done, move over to working on invitation designs and decide on the medium.

You can go for the traditional, printed cards. To make things easier, go for already existing card templates available on the internet.

Decide on message ideas, go for something warm and welcoming and match it with the design. Add a personalised touch, if possible. If you’re not going ahead with a printed card, you can always mail them an e-vite. A digital card or maybe a creative video invite are some good options.

Lighting Up the Event

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Trying to come up with a theme but feeling stuck?

From a yard themed decor reminiscent of spring to a bold and retro theme, everything is acceptable. You can also go for decor that sends off vintage vibes or stick with a minimalist aesthetic and a pastel theme.

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A timeless theme would be one featuring fresh, floral decor. If you’re something who likes to pay attention to details, you can try your hands at floral centerpieces and make your party come to life. For a winter housewarming, opt for lighting as a part of your theme.

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Don’t go overboard with anything though, something that adds to the casual vibes is more than enough.

Your Look for the Day

With laughter ringing in the air and warmth exploding within, your housewarming, without a doubt is going to be a small yet lively event. And every event, no matter the scale, demands a stroll through your wardrobe or maybe shopping for something new!

A secret style weapon which makes sure that you are never wrong with your outfit choices is minimalism. While it may often be mistaken as too simple, boring or incomplete, a minimalist wardrobe is more than enough and just the right kind of style suitable for any occasion.

Light Bites and Savory Delights

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Flavorsome sliders, cheesy dips, succulent main course items and finger licking desserts. Is that the sound of your stomach rumbling? That’s exactly what you should be aiming for when you have your guests over. After all, no event is complete without good food!

Appetizers are ideal for a housewarming. Mini desserts and finger foods are great options. If your list of guests is longer, you may even opt for a mini buffet set up.

Refreshing Drinks

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A celebration cannot commence without a classic drink so when you’re prepping up for your housewarming, be sure to stock up a variety of cocktails and mocktails because, who doesn’t love drinks?

Take it up a notch and get creative with the presentation. Don’t be afraid to indulge in the art of mixology as long as it tastes right. A great get together is one which takes you back in time or one which feels like fresh breeze and refreshments such as drinks are just what are needed to complete your party.

It doesn’t have to be just cocktails and mocktails, you can always go for shakes and various coffee beverages, both of which are just as good options.

Brighten Up the Mood

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A party without games is no fun!

Be it the classic board games or a playful round of Never Have I Ever, make sure to make every moment spent with your guests memorable and entertaining.

You can always go with the old school Truth or Dare or try out something more fun such as a Scavenger Hunt where people are divided into teams and they find out hidden house items through decoding cryptic clues.

Something like a Blank Canvas would be just as fun where everyone can sit together and decide the placement of the home decor items.

Party Playlist

And, don’t forget to tune into soft, breezy music to keep the party going!

Gift Ideas for Guests

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Once it’s time to say goodbye, you can thank your guests with traditional housewarming gifts such as mini gift buckets, bags or food items. You can always take it a step further and sneak in a personalised note to express your gratitude and delight for enjoying your first celebration in a new house in their company.

Remember, it’s only once that you get to warm up this way with your family and friends so be sure to think along the lines of gifting them something more meaningful than material to make it worth remembering.