Glitter Galore: 12 Awesome Ways To Wear Sparkle

Wish to create a look that sticks on people’s minds like glitter? There’s a unique sense of permanence about all things shiny, they make you the cynosure of all eyes and arm you with confidence. 

Sprinkling some pixie dust magic to your attire can give you the glow you desire so that you can walk the spotlight in style. Without further ado, let’s see how you can glam up the glitter way ‘cause baby, you’re a firework!

1. Sparkle and sass

Cute, glimmering tops have become a wardrobe staple as they can be worn to clubs, festivals, college and even a simple coffee date down the lane. They’re super easy to put together with denims, polyester and chiffon skirts, etc. bodysuits are really hot these days and lend greater versatility to the look. Up the glam quotient with strappy bold ones or try out these adorably whimsical ones in sheer fabrics and breezy silhouettes. 

And in case you’re inclined to something sporty and super comfortable, check out these cute sequined tops from Chanel or the diamond-studded tube top and shorts set.

2. Sequined bottoms 

Bell bottoms, pencil skirts, wrap-arounds, tights are just some of the few things that come in breathtaking bejeweled versions and are the easiest to coordinate with monochromes. For a semi-formal day look, pair your fitting bottom wear with flowy tops and shirts while for the night, you can opt for bustier tops with spaghetti sleeves and a jacket to complete the look.

3. Sequined outerwear

Did someone say corporate-cum-party? Nothing like double-breasted blazers and coat dresses that are work on the right and fun on the left! You can also turn on the bling to its full intensity with sequined dresses or go for funky sequined jackets that can accompany your day outfit too.

4. Fire and eyes

Eye makeup relies heavily on shimmer, be it the lightest of a dab in the corner of the eye over neutral colors or golden and bronze eye shadows. The smokey eye has also gained popularity with its glimmery avatar. Glitter eyeliners are a subtler option to give an elegant twist to a soft fall/winter makeup look

Thanks to Euphoria, dreamy, surreal makeup looks do not need a special occasion. Wear them to college if you must! Channel your inner Ru, Jules or Maddy and awaken the artist in you- the key, quite like the message of the show itself, is to not rein in your imagination and let your personality speak through your makeup. 

Go unicorn-mode with rainbows or make a statement with pearls and rhinestones. Paint galaxies on your eyelids or let flowers bloom!

5. Tiptoe your way to a glitter paradise

Glitter sock boots, in various lengths, are immensely popular now. The upside to these is their durable material (usually suede) so that the shine lasts and their neutral colors which make it easy to pair them up with any outfit. Team them up with a simple LBD for a night out or layer up for a casual work look.

How about some rhinestone tassels that command all eyes on them? Conversely, for more formal events or regular outings, you can choose these shoes with only the heel doused in shimmer that go really well with slacks and pencil skirts. 

If you dare, flaunt this infamous combo of socks and stilettos. Without compromising on comfort, you may also try sparkling sneakers, flats and loafers. Footwear is a no-brainer when you want a glittery look without the fear of going overboard. 

6. Fine line

The line between glamorous and jarring is a thin one in this starry realm. So if you don’t want to risk it, try monochromatic outfits in suede or net whose dark colors keep it mysterious without being overwhelming. Or shop for outfits with little glitter accents such as this skirt with rhinestone tassels on one side.

7. Kiss n tell?

Your choice of lip glitter depends on the intensity and texture of sparkle you’re seeking. Clear or tinted lip glosses, liquid matte lipsticks are at your disposal for a kiss of sparkle. If the outfit is the focus, go for diluted, iridescent flecks and if it’s the lips you want to highlight, lather them with a more prominent shimmer. You can also try gradient lips.

8. Bling ring

There isn’t anything that transforms an outfit quite like a diamond choker. Fitting snugly around the neck, it can be donned with tailored suits, cocktail dresses and virtually any other clothing for an instant party-ready look. Body chains are inherently sexy and appear an extension of your clothes. 

The advantage with such ritzy body jewelry is that it reduces the need for makeup- just slightly glossy lips or kohl-rimmed eyes will do. With the stunning variety of chain corsages and tops now available, you can wear them over or under your clothes for an intriguing look that bedazzles everyone. 

9. Weave it into your tresses

Hair and body glitter aren’t limited to festive use. Get crafty and jazz up your hairdos with some increasingly imaginative hair glitter ideas to explore and accomplish the perfect party-ready hairstyle. Other than gel and powder, you can also add bling to your hair in the form of rhinestones, chains, sequined accessories, etc. Go retro with bold, sparkly hair clips, hair ties.

10. Nailed it!

Twinkling nails are perhaps the easiest to achieve, especially with DIY nail art tool kits and acrylic nail extensions. Or you can have yourself pampered with professionally-done nail art. Play up with different designs- plain glittery nails paired with other shades, embellished variants of the French manicure, flamboyant ones studded with rhinestones.

11. Sheer shimmer

For a boho-chic or understated sparkly look, venture into sheer fabrics. Team them with denims, leather or lace to create trendy layered outfits.

12. Accessorize right

Glitter, dear readers, is a lifestyle. Incorporate it into your daily looks with little details- sequined collars, ties, bows, belts, bags etc. that can liven up any regular attire.

You are made to shine, don’t settle for less. Be the star in your galaxy.