Fall Makeup Looks: 10 Ideas You’ll Fall For in 2020

Source: Arsham Haghani/Pexels

Leather. Pumpkins. Sweater weather.

Fall is almost over and before it’s gone, you must get ready to bid it a farewell worth remembering.

So, gear up with your knits and boots and head onto level two.

Come, take our hand. Together, let’s explore the best fall makeup looks of this year which are meant to turn heads.

1. Bare-ly There

When you’re unsure about what to choose, then minimal is the way to go.

Yes, we’re talking about the no-makeup makeup look which defies trends. This is the perfect look for all the busy bees, and even those who are too lazy to get ready.

A good base, a soft gloss and brushed brows are all you need to make this work.

2. Just Peachy

Talking about fall makeup looks and missing out warm tones?

No, we’re not ready to commit that sin!

A good palette is a mix of nudes and warm colors. Opt for light oranges and soft peaches for your lips and eyes and add a bit of color to your cheeks. Experiment with bot, mattes and glosses. You can even go for a mix of the two.

Lightly swipe some highlighter on the tip of your nose and cheeks and you’re good to go.

3. Golden Dew

We all love a little glow.

There are numerous fall makeup looks, but you don’t always have to wear full face makeup. A moisturising serum and a clear gloss with one swipe of mascara are just as good.

Since we’re going for a glowing look, we’d suggest that you use a liquid highlighter or a face oil to complete your look.

4. Soft Pink Glam

A pop of pink, be it on the lips, cheeks or your eyelids, is no doubt a good idea.

Out of all other sorts of fall makeup looks, a glassy skin with a dominating pink is truly one of the best options to choose from. Not only will the subtle color make your skin stand out, it will also complement your fall outfit, no matter what you choose to wear.

5. Brow Game Strong

When it comes to your makeup, brows become a major player.

One of the trends which has dominated 2020 in the makeup sector is the soap brow look. Natural, bushy brows brushed back using glycerin soap make for an attractive look.

To complete it off, go for a nude lipstick and some faux freckles.

6. Much Needed Drama

Life is boring without a little drama.

And so is makeup!

Yes, we’re talking about lashes. A good mascara or even a pair of dramatic lashes with a light lipstick are good for a little hangout. To add some dimension to your look and bring attention to your eyes, pull your hair up in a top knot with some stray strands on either side and you’re done.

7. Hot and Unbothered

All these fall makeup looks and not a single one for that date you’ve been planning?

We’re getting there, friend. Here’s an effortless way to get ready, just a swipe of some dark maroon shade with bare eyes and some soft waves is what you need. Couple it up with a white knit sweater dress and watch people swoon.

8. Glossy Eyes

2020 took it up a level with gloss.

We’re way ahead this year. From glossy lips to glossy eyelids, makeup trends sure have traveled a mile.

One of the most attractive fall makeup looks is glossy eye shadow with matching lips, reminiscent of fall leaf colors. Although you’re free to do it as you please, our suggestion would be to pair a light glossy shadow with a clear gloss to make it look the best.

9. A Bit of Bling

Whether it’s clothes, shoes or makeup, a little glitter is never a bad idea.

If you’re looking something that will make you stand apart from the crowd, then this is one of those few fall makeup looks which will never go wrong.

There are numerous ways to wear glitter, be it on your eyelids or the inner corner of your eyes, it will always look good. Not just that, it can go along with any kind of lipstick – a clear gloss, a nude shade or even a bold one, you name.

If you’re confused about that evening party this fall, go for this one.

10. Bold, Outlined and Me-tallics

We’ve all seen people rock metallic eye shadows for years. It’s about time that we take a step further than that.

Metallic eyeliner.

It’s a sleek version of that eye shadow look and makes up for a look that is bold yet elegant. Not to forget, a metallic liner is just as good for casual outings as well.

If you are looking for a chic way to make your eyes pop, then you know what to line your eyes with.