Diwali 2020 On A Budget: Amazing Diwali Decorations, Gift Ideas And More

Diwali decoration
Sources: Madhukar Kumar on Unsplash

This Diwali, instead of lighting firecrackers, relight the spark that is in you!

Though Diwali decorations, home refurbishing, Dhanteras shopping and sumptuous feasts may have taken a hit this year with the pandemic, what really matters is keeping the flame of hope in our hearts burning. 

Let the mantra for Diwali 2020 be Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and take care of mother Earth as well as your pockets. 

DIY candles and diyas

Painting diyas can be a fun and engaging group activity for you to spend time with family and friends while simultaneously taking care of the Diwali decoration. Color away to your heart’s extent and adorn with leftover glitter, sequins, rhinestones or zari that have come undone from old outfits. Another trend that’s emerged in the last couple of years is the elegant flower-candle centerpiece that you can fashion from old glassware, embellishments and flower petals.

Tealight holders are some of the easiest to DIY and can be made from virtually anything lying about- bangles, CDs, plastic spoons, ice cream sticks, shot glasses, etc.

Add a bit of a contemporary flair to your Diwali decorations with water candles, fairy jars, salt lamps and floating floral arrangements (which you can ensure by fixing a piece of bubble wrap and the base of your blooms before leaving them to set sail).

Floral rangoli

Turn to flowers for rangoli making and let this traditional art form take on an even more joyful and texturally-rich countenance. With flower garlands, leafy vines and dried flower stocks, you can transcend the flat designs to adorn your home with blooming streams. Mix whole blooms with petals to add dimensionality to your creations.

DIY lanterns

Call them lanterns, kandeel or toran, these Diwali decorations take various forms and can practically be fashioned from anything you might have laying around- paper, old bottles, cardboard boxes, woven baskets, etc. Awaken the craft enthusiast in you and try your hand at balloon lanterns, origami-like maneuvering or colorful kandeels.

But in case you’re running short on time or dread the labor, simply get some butter paper, trace and cut out patterns of your liking on it and frame your light source with it.

Revamp your saree

Or your mom’s! Vintage is the way to go this Diwali and there’s nothing quite like keeping the tradition than unearthing that forgotten outfit from the gloom of your cupboard and adapting it to match contemporary trends. Drape it over a plain lehenga or a skirt, team it up with a blazer or go for a dramatic off-shoulder top- the ways to wear a saree are only limited by your imagination!

Ethnowestern charm

Maxi dresses with a dupatta, shirt with a lehenga a la Anushka Sharma in Cutiepie, a denim jacket over a kurta- mix and match pieces from your wardrobe to layer up and create interesting looks. Even a statement belt can beautifully enhance an ethnic ensemble.

Or gather some inspiration from our darling onscreen bride Kalindi and her gang!

veere di wedding fashion
Source: Tumblr

Recycling old jewelry 

Wear your string of pearls around your waist or switch up a regular kamarband with a gorgeous necklace. Adorn your updos by tucking in a jhumka or a simple drop earring. When going for halter neck or backless garments, you may even layer up a few body chains and necklaces to lace up your back so that their front faces the back.

Meaningful Diwali gifts

Create hampers- a chocolate bouquet, a makeup kit wrapped up to resemble firecrackers, trinkets packed in a vintage jewelry box! Instead of giving a paperback to someone who loves to read, gift them a Kindle edition or an audiobook- you save a few bucks and paper. Instead of a luxury watch or a smartphone, find a smartwatch that fits your budget. Remember, it’s the thought that you put in behind the gesture that matters. To keep it simple, you may pack a potli of sweets and place in a large nicely embellished diya, wrap up the whole thing with cellophane. 


If you’re planning a Diwali gathering, let everyone contribute a food item to the dinner. Bring in variety to the table or organize a cooking session to spend quality time together. And don’t forget to deck up your view with a stunning festive tablescape that matches your aesthetic! Try fixing up a few quick Diwali sweets like kaju katli or carrot pudding or experiment with fusion desserts such as this lovely gulab jamun parfait or the rose and cardamom monkey bread.