Dare to Denim: 15 Ways to Up Your Fashion Game

Source: Vogue.com

Similar to the marks of footsteps on sand, trends have proved to be transient.

Except for denims. They’re the sand.

In a world where you watch trends slithering through your grasp before you can blink, denims have marked their place as a classic statement which is here to stay.

The styling, however, goes beyond jeans and jackets. There are far more interesting and creative ways to pull off the denim look.

If you’re looking to level up your fashion game with this staple, then you’ve landed on the right page.

1. Casual Chic

Casual. Comfortable. Classy.

I doubt there’s anything else which promises all of these. If you’re stuck at making a choice for that next casual event or even a light party, denim is surely the way to go!

You can pair a sleek and chic denim blouse with shorts or go ahead with a little denim dress along with some solid white high rise footwear.

If these two aren’t your style and you’d rather go with something that will set you apart, then you might as well belt up a denim blouse over a long-line shirt and a pair of jeans.

2. Trend Defying Classics

Basic isn’t always boring.

Denim is a proof of that.

Some styling options have marked their permanence among the ever changing trends. Be it some shorts, a jacket or skirts with elegant blouses, if they’re denim, then there’s no wrong option.

There are endless ways to style these classics and they always come across as a breath of fresh air.

3. Dressy Denims

A denim look isn’t always a casual affair.

You can wrap yourself up in elegance with a dress made out of denim. Add a dash of daring through a bit of sleeve play or even an interesting neckline.

And it’s not only dresses, overalls are another option on this list! Yes, not just pinafores but jumpsuits with bits of denim are just as great when it comes to spicing up your look for that next event, as brilliantly shown by Kpop idols’ takes on denim.

4. De-stress with Distressed

Choosing a look that’s good to go can be a daunting task.

But when it comes to denim, all worries can be dumped considering there’s an abundance of options to choose from.

Some great options are distressed denims. Be it a jacket or a pair of jeans, you can always club it up with a basic tee or even a solid color shirt. A neat lace black blouse paired with a similar jacket is just as great. There’s an infinity of styles to choose from, all you gotta do is pick the one that suits you the best.

5. Drop Top, Color Pop

Tired of sporting the same look over and again?

Add a punch of color and you’re good to go!

Yes, your denims don’t have to be blue. A block of color or even an entire change of color can add a dramatic edge to your look and, as flaunted by Kpop stars like BTS and Gfriend, can also help reinvent retro looks.

A splash of color will make up for a fresh look, add some dark jeans and throw on a pair of white sneakers along with a messy top knot or even beach waves to complement your look.

6. Two Toned

Two is better than one.

The same is applicable to jeans. Take the blues up a notch and opt for some two-toned boyfriend jeans to add a bit of quirk to your look.

And it doesn’t have to be just blue, black and white tone is another interesting way to adorn those denims. To complete the look, go either for a loose blouse or a cropped, slim fit one.

7. Ombré Oomph

Ombré isn’t just for your hair, a pair (of jeans) is in fact a great way to put that trend into action.

A quarter length, a bit of distress or some loose jeans are just some of the various options you can choose from when considering ombré pants.

Tuck in a solid tee and some comfy sneakers to finish off the look. To add some dimension, braid your hair up in twin dutch braids and a pop of color to your lips.

8. Tie Dye, Catch Their Eye

A once over is never enough, make them stop and fixate their gaze on you.

Patterning using the tie dye technique is nothing uncommon, however it isn’t spotted much on denims and there’s no doubt that it makes for a look that’s good enough to catch people’s eyes.

If you’re considering some tie dye pants or even a jacket, don’t go overboard with its styling. Make sure to pair it with something plain. A white cropped blouse or a tee are some good options.

9. The Game of Mesh

Sometimes, all we need is a sprinkle of sexy.

From an everyday choice to an alluring appearance, trust denim to traverse that path.

The combo of mesh and denim is a rare sight, but in a good way. It’s not just unique but also adds a bit of mystery to your look. You can pretty much see charm oozing off you with this particular style.

If you have to choose between a bomber jacket and a denim one, go for a hybrid. Trust, me there’s nothing to regret with this choice. In fact, it’ll be the best you’ve ever made.

10. Patchy Fix

Whenever I buy a shade of denim, I pine for another.

Who wouldn’t? After all there’s fifty shades of denim!

If you’re the same as me, then I’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a quick fix (pun intended) to all your cravings – patched up denims . These beautiful color block pieces are some of the most beautiful ones which I have ever come across.

A promising one is this eyegasmic jacket from Missguided US which is more than enough to make your heart flutter.

What’s the wait for? Get ready to steal the limelight.

11. Ruffled Truffle

As long as I can recall, I’ve been a sucker for ruffles and frills my entire life.

Turns out, my love for the same didn’t stop just at those summer frocks. It’s a part of my life now with all those ruffled shirts, sleeve designs and frilled hems which I proudly own.

Quite a distinct look which I recently stumbled across were ruffled denims. And man, am I not craving for more additions to my wardrobe?

You know the answer.

Ruffles and skirts make up for a bomb combo, be it jackets, dresses or skirts. Not to forget, they’re good for pretty much any occasion.

I’d say, grab one for yourself and get ready to own that outing with your next look.

12. Lace It Up

Criss, cross. Win, be the style boss!

A simple addition can sometimes transform your look entirely.

Here, I’m talking about something as basic as laces. Sounds plain, right? Not as much when it collides with denim. Jackets, blouses, skirts, jeans – you name it and it’s there. These two go together like bread and butter. It’s only obvious from here that they’re meant to be.

If you’ve been looking for a tad bit of experimentation with your regular style, then I assure you that this is what you need.

13. Chained

Chains and denims make up for a slightly rugged, but extremely attractive look.

We’ve seen an end number of jackets, be it the basic ones or distressed, but we never talk about playing with the back design.

Yes, it doesn’t always end at embroidered patches or rips, you can always take it a level up with chains. Mind you, it’s a pretty badass look that will make it hard for others to take their eyes off you.

If daring is your personality, then this indeed is your look.

14. Studded Sparkle

Rhinestones are love.

There’s no denying.

So, rhinestones, denims and distressed, does that not sound like a solid mix? A studded corset top, a ripped jean with rhinestones underneath and a belt that goes with along are some great options, really.

You can’t say no to bling if it’s the right amount.

If you’re more of the wild and chic mix, opt for rhinestone fringes at the back of your jacket. Here’s how to DIY your jacket to achieve the look.

15. Winter Whimsy

On a winter night, when you feel too cold or lazy to get dressed up for dining out, what do you?

Throw up a denim coat with some black leggings or skinny jeans! That’s one more reason to love denim, because it offers an effortless styling solution.

From long-line coats to hybrid ones, the list is endless, really. The best part is that no matter what your final choice is, it will always be unbelievably attractive.

Now that you have an entire listicle filled with ideas to spruce up your look right in front of you, what’s your pick? Leave us your favorites and add a bunch more of your ideas too!