Play Santa: 50 Christmas Gifts to Choose From For Your Loved Ones

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Source: Laura Gomez/Unsplash

Checking off a to-do can be tricky, but finding a present that is worthy of complementing the warm vibes of Christmas? The trickiest!

Presents are a mandatory Christmas tradition which must be fulfilled. Here’s a little tip to help you solve that problem while you’re racking your brain for ideas – take the sentimental route, or something that’s a balance between meaningful and practical. 

This year, let that warmth make its way to your loved ones with Christmas gifts meant to melt their hearts.

Come, hop onto the Santa sleigh with Christmas gifts which slay

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For Mom

From Christmas gifts which will simplify her work to the ones which are treats she wouldn’t otherwise splurge on, here are all the options you must dive into for the lady who swam through oceans for you.

The Baker

For moms, who have found their medium of self expression through baking, spreading icing on cakes and smiles on our faces, an addition to their bakeware is the canvas they need to paint their masterpiece.

Here are items which are seeking a spot in their collection:

All-in-One Baking Kit

A Baking Set of 56 items comprising cake pans, rotating turntable, decorating kits and mould make for one of the most perfect Christmas gifts she can ask for.

Alphabet Cake Cutter Set

Cakes personalised with names or mouthwatering alphabet cookies which melt into the mouth, make everything possible for her with this alphabet cake cutter set.

The Yogi

For the mindful mama who believes in a peaceful lifestyle and always brings out energies which move you and encourage you to be productive, you can offer her something thoughtful to continue with her artful living.

Yoga Mat

Yep, she has probably been using the same mat ever since she started out her journey into mindfulness. Time for a replacement! A yoga mat is amongst the handful of Christmas gifts she might need but wouldn’t ask for.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Known for creating an atmosphere which evokes peace, a salt lamp is a great choice to gift her this Christmas and elevate her spirit.

The Chai Addict

Morning, noon, evening or night, all she’s waiting for is that warm cup of chai. 

Isn’t that also what Christmas gifts are supposed to be as well? Here are some good options:

Classic Tea Hamper

With 9 premium tea flavors, it’s safe to say that this tea hamper is the best of Christmas gifts to ever exist. Not just that, the classic wooden trunk (which she might convert into a thread-needle box) looks too good to be true. 

Agate Coasters

Agate Coasters

A rounded-up list of Christmas gifts and not a single tableware? Not possible!

This cerulean coaster composed with natural Geode and finished with golden edges screams perfection. Give a home to her tea cups with this one.

The Decor Lover

There’s always a side to every mom which itches to give the house a makeover every once in a while. To help her with such cravings, here are some good options :

Wall Mounted Shelves

Growing up, we all heard of stories where walls could hear our conversations. 

Here’s a secret – they can speak. All you need to do is breathe life into those walls. For mums who love decor, these shelves might be potential Christmas gifts you can consider. Take a look:

Wall Shelf
Wall Shelves

Curtain String Lights

Curtain Lights

Sometimes, all we need is a little magic to make a room come to life. Pretty sure you mom won’t be able to resist once she gets her hands on this beauty.

String Curtain

String Curtains

Pretty, white and everything that a living room needs? We gotcha mom!

Candle Holders

December aesthetic is all about lights. Surprise you mom with these breathtaking candle holders because these are just the right kind of Christmas gifts she could ask for.

Candle Centerpiece
Candle Holder

For Dad

From gifts which are great companions and a helping hand for dads who help us solve every math problem, here’s everything that’s fit for what you need in a gift for your old (yet forever young) man.

The Cook

Looking for Christmas gifts for your dad who is a great cook and a greater foodie? We’ve got you covered!

Grill Sandwich Toaster 

Help speed up his work so that he can munch on something while he’s busy working on yummy breakfast for you.

Grill Sandwich Toaster

Microwave Pasta Cooker 

Fasta Pasta

The ‘fasta pasta’ for that dad who loves to add a desi touch to every dish.

The Strategist

Help keep your busy dad organized with Christmas gifts meant just for him.

Corporate Planner

Corporate Planner

With space to hold documents and sticky notes, this is just what he needs to jot everything important on the go.

Desk Organiser

Desk Organiser

With pockets for every supply possible, this compact desk supply organiser can be the perfect gift for your dad.

The Runner 

From running on treadmills to running errands for their kids, he knows how to toggle between tasks. If this is your dad, we know just what he needs.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes

While he spoils you with presents all year round, it’s time that you help change his old pair of running shoes which we know he won’t do himself.  

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

To keep him hydrated while he’s on the run, this compact water bottle does the job. All those Christmas gifts aside, this one is not a gift but a moving gesture to show him your affection.

The Beer Aficionado

For dads with a good taste, finding a gift can be a daunting task. They already have all things premium and classic. How about sneaking in a cute, thoughtful gift under the Christmas tree?

Beer Dispenser 

Beer Dispenser

Who doesn’t love fancy Christmas gifts? This dispenser and that beer connoisseur of a dad are truly a match made in heaven.

Beer Mug

Beer Mug

An upgrade from that boring beer mug, here’s just what every dad who prioritizes his taste needs.

For Her

Before we begin, remember that while she might already have everything, it’s never enough! A good advice would be to choose something that speaks to her soul and sneak in a personal note in her Christmas gifts.

The Self-Care Enthusiast

All of us deserve to top our priority list. From skin care to hair care and something that’s more meaningful than material, here are thoughts in the form of Christmas gifts she’ll warm up to.

Romantic Range Gift Kit

Fragrance Kit

A combo of 4 items and a cute travel kit, this makes for a refreshing gift she’ll be loving.

Bath Tub Kit

Bath Kit

A relaxing bath and yummy cocoa is just what she needs after a rough day.

Skin Care Kit

Skin Care Set

A seriously amazing gift for the woman who takes her skin seriously. Facewash, scrub and mask, this has everything she needs and that coffee scent is an added bonus.

Eau de Parfum

James Bond EDP Christmas Gifts for Women

Pink pepper, raspberry and musky notes, the James Bond scent is a hard-to-forget gift.

Personal Care Appliance Combo

Style Care Appliance

The boss of all Christmas gifts, this hair appliance combo by Philips is that one solution to all her hairstyling problems.

The Makeup Artist

There’s an artist in everyone. While some find paper and pencil as their medium, others take up a different route. Makeup is just as much of an art as anything else. Here are some good options for your budding artist.

Makeup Brush Kit

Makeup Brushes

Surprise her with a kit of makeup brushes, and I bet she won’t mind an addition to her collection.

Cosmetic Storage Organiser 

While she might be loaded with products which cannot be contained, a cosmetic storage can help organise her essentials.

Mini Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror

Yes, we love to look at our beautiful selves in mirrors, and this cutesy vanity mirror is a lot more help to check if her eyeliner is on point.

The Lover of All Things Cute

Some of us are hoarders, you know? Everything cute that we certainly don’t need is just what our heart wants.

Hey, you. She probably wants the same too. Here’s what you can get her:

Moon Night Lamp

Moon Lamp

This Christmas, help light up her room and elevate her mood with this mesmerizing lamp. 

Resin Pots

Resin Pots

Give a cute home to that plant mom with this beautiful trio of resin pots. With pots in the form of characters, this is surely one of the cutest Christmas gift ideas you can go for.

Fish Bookmark


A cute bookmark for the ones who love to explore fictional worlds. If she lives in a parallel universe, this might just be for her.

For Him

For the one who is a good friend and a great partner, here are some Christmas gifts you can consider to celebrate the person he is.

The Gamer

For the ones who often dive deep into a fantasy-filled universe, something fancy and meaningful would be a great option.

The Gaming Console Mug

Game Console Mug

Whether it’s his PS4 or his coffee, let him play.

Gaming Headset 

Gaming Headset Christmas Gifts

To elevate their gaming experience, an upgrade to their existing gaming headset is a good choice.

The Minimalist

For the clean and classy, something that mirrors their personality would be the most suitable gift. Minimalist accessories might be a good option to explore.

Daniel Wellington Petite Ashfield Watch


A smart switch from mesh to leather, this watch is that perfect piece which can easily toggle between casual and evening occasions.

Armani Exchange Cayde Analog Black Watch

AE Black watch

For the one who prefers nothing but black, here’s just what to gift.

An Elegant Hamper

Belt-Wallet Combo

This tan brown belt-wallet combo is a classic match meant to be and just what he needs.

The Fitness Guru

For the gym rats who love to keep their bodies in shape, it’s important to look for gifts which will keep them motivated throughout their journey. Here are some great gift options:

The Dumbbell-Shaped Sipper

dumbbell bottle

Snag this cute dumbbell sipper which won’t just keep them hydrated but also make others sneak curious glances at their tumbler.

Fitness Band

Fitness, like every other thing, is a journey and to make it smooth, a fitness band is a good option to keep them on track.

The Gym Combo

Gym Kit

For the one who needs a bit of change, here’s the ultimate gym combo with all the essentials.

For the BFF

While we may joke they’re meant for insulting, in our hearts, we know that they deserve the world. 

What’s better than Christmas gifts to express your love for them?

There aren’t any divisions in this section, because at the core, they are truly incredible and one of a kind. 

Keep insults and playful teasing aside and this time, write a heartfelt letter to them. Here are a few personalized gift options to remind them of the unspeakable bond you share.

52 Reasons Why You Love Them


They’re hilarious, crazy, serious when needed and stupid a few other times. Can you specify a reason why you love them? List 52! With this beautiful gift, give them not just one, but 52 reasons to smile.

Best Friend Bracelet


With this bracelet, stay connected always, even when you’re not by each other’s sides. 

The Cookie-Coffee Duo Necklace

Best Friend Christmas Gifts

Best friends, just as cookies and coffee, are an inseparable pair. This pretty pair is what you and your best friend need for your Christmas gifts this year.

Infinity Best Friend Pendant


If you swear by life and beyond, then this is just what you need to get for them.

Mood Hamper

With the right friends, everything gets better. And it only makes sense that they receive something that always reminds them what they mean to you and also makes them crack a laugh.

Treat Yourself

A gift list is incomplete without you.

Yes, you, I am talking to you.

When it comes to taking care of people, we often neglect that we’re also a part of the bunch we should be taking care of.

Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s mandatory. So, this year, treat yourself with some meaningful Christmas gifts. 

Cultivate Productivity and Mindfulness

It’s common to go into autopilot-mode, without realising what you’re doing and how it should be done.

With the way this year has turned out and how 2021 is only a few days away, it makes sense to build up habits to be present, work on things which need to get done and be stronger, healthier and better, for yourself. 



Invest your time in journaling, noting thoughts, counting your blessing and expressing your gratitude. This won’t only help you in becoming content but also in building a habit to monitor your wandering thoughts and maybe even find inspiration in them. 

Planner Set

2021 Planner

Pre-plan, set goals and crush them. With this planner set, get ready to stick to your goals.

Sticky Notes

Can’t sort ideas? Go the sticky notes way and de-clutter your brain.


We’ve all had days which felt harder to push through. Not all days are equal, and for the ones where the road seems unclear, what you might need to clear out the mess can be simple stuff to ease things for yourself.

Here are a few things which you can buy for yourself as Christmas gifts and relax:

Scented Candles

Scented Candles for Christmas gifts

Light ’em up, shut your eyes close and focus on your breathing. Ease into the moment, let your shoulders relax and just be.

Bath Melts


Enjoy a nice, warm bath with these bath melts which look like Christmas and smell like heaven. 

Hair Spa Kit


Let this spa kit help ease your headache while you enjoy a good hair wash session.

Sheet Mask Set


Give your skin a treat with this set of sheet masks. Soak them into your favorite essential oil to elevate the soothing sensation.

Foot Massager


A bubble massage, a relaxing pedicure is something that can help de-stress you. And while you’re at it, enjoy.