19 Stunning Bridal Outfit Ideas For An Indian Wedding

Sources: (left to right) Suffuse, Ali Xeeshan, Kynah

Red. Gold. Breathtaking. Bold.

That sums up the Indian bridal outfit, which we’re totally in love with. However, a little experimentation doesn’t hurt. From colors, details, styles and everything beyond, we’ve covered different kinds of outfits which you can consider for your wedding.

If you’re looking for something that can be set apart from the same old bridal attires, then not to worry, ’cause we’ve got oodles of outfit ideas to choose from.

Show-Stealing Sarees

Saree, the Indian staple and a proven classic has managed to survive the changes in trends, gracefully making its way through experiments and coming out as a major player in the Indian style game.

This wedding season, we dare you to ditch lehengas. A fine fabric, intricate details, and the color of roses is just what you need in your saree to be the perfect bridal outfit.

Glorious Golden

Rhinestones and gold are just what you need to be the limelight of your wedding. Dare to move beyond reds and embrace the golden look.

Be it your bridal outfit, or your makeup, a golden glow is just what you need!

Mesmerising Minimalism

If you’ve been around for a while, then we’re sure you must already know just how much we love the minimalist aesthetic. If you too are fond of a minimalist wardrobe, then we bet you’d love to adorn this minimal look for your big day.

A monochrome lehenga in an offbeat shade, minimal details or an angelic white bridal outfit is the perfect fit for our brides who love deleting details and standing apart from the crowd.

Sparkling Silver

With exquisite workmanship, a silver on silver look makes up for a stunning bridal outfit and a perfect replacement for the conventional red.

If you’re ready to take your look to level two, a subtle sparkle might just be your match.

Ethereal Embroidery

Zari. Zardosi. Mirror Work.

As Indians, we’re blessed with a myriad of embroidery options to choose from. An embroidered velvet choli with a complementary flared lehenga, is one of the most gorgeous traditional bridal attires.

If you’re a fan of the traditional Indian embroidery, then this is just what you need.

Peppy Peplums

A traditional lehenga or an ethno western experiment? We’ve got the midway!

Replace the regular blouse with a longer, peplum blouse and pair it with a lehenga featuring delicious details. A fresh break from the basic bridal outfit, this look will surely turn heads.

Beyond Red

Attended 15628 weddings and all you saw was red? (Literally, we mean!)

If you are a bride-to-be who’d rather prefer to stand apart from the crowd, then here are a few offbeat yet refreshing options for you.

A great bridal outfit would be a breathtaking blue, something similar to this:

Or, or, a gorgeous green?

Have a look below:

Or, would you rather slip into a shade of lavender, made just for you?

Stunning, no? We dare you to make a choice!

Captivating Combinations

Making a decision is no simple task. An when it comes to your bridal outfit, you’ve got to make sure that all eyes are on you.

Can’t choose amongst all these color options? Maybe, a little drama in your fashion choice is the right answer. Opt for the iconic red-gold combo or go ahead with whites in place of that gold. Or, how does a red and white outfit with golden embroidery sound?

Embrace your bold side with a curious combination of all shades perfect.

Intriguing Indo-Western

Ivory laces, pearls, a beaded pallu or a ruffled dupatta, how does a mix of both worlds sound?

An indo-western bridal outfit makes up for a poetic appearance. All things chic with a sprinkle of exquisite experimentation might just be the look crafted for you.

If you’re looking for a surrealist, otherworldly outfit for your special day, head over to Gaurav Gupta‘s studio for endless options.

Layered Lehengas

Layering isn’t a new fashion concept. From winter layers to summers, we’ve all tried layered clothing at least once. So, how about trying it out with your wedding attire?

Our gorgeous brides-to-be, do you dare to stun with layered lehengas? Add a flattering and romantic edge to your outfit with layers and get ready to steal the show.

Stunning Shararas

The old age flared pants for a bridal look? Totally!

Shararas make for a lovely illusion, a piece of art. These loose pants with a dreamy flow are enough to transform your wedding into a desi daydream. The predecessor of the western bridal jumpsuits, shararas are just the right alternative for brides who prefer pants over skirts.

With shararas making a comeback in the Indian fashion world, get ready to say no to your lehengas.

Graceful Ghararas

Gharara, the non-identical twin of Sharara, is a pant fitted until the knees and flaring out at the bottom. With a kurti-style upper and a gorgeous flowing bottom, Ghararas make for a lovely bridal outfit, adding another dimension to the overall look.

Ruby Gowns

Who doesn’t love a blush red dress?

We’ve all seen stunning brides in red lehengas and sarees. After all, that’s the color of love. So, how about red with a twist?

Get ready to adorn a union of the Indian ethnic red with the traditional English dress. Add a modern touch to the traditional ensemble with a sculpted bodice featuring delicious details, culminating into a gorgeous flow.

Intricate Sleeve Details

If you don’t want to go overboard with your outfit choice, then adding a slight edge to you sleeve details might just be what you need.

From cape sleeves to lace appliques, there are numerous options to choose from. You might even opt for embroidered or beaded edges and if none of these are your style, then go ahead with a sleeveless number for your bridal outfit.

Experimental Necklines

When it comes to experimentation with your bridal outfit, then sleeves aren’t the only option.

You can very well try with your necklines. A rounded scoop or a plunging V are good choices if you’re opting for heavy jewelry. If not, then a high rising neckline is just what you need. A midway would be an off shoulder, figure hugging blouse with a minimal choker necklace to complete the look.

Alluring Anarkalis

Luxurious fabrics and delightful details coming together to form a dreamy outfit for the modern day brides. That’s what an Anarkali gown can do, convert that dream into reality.

Anarkalis aren’t reserved for evening celebrations, with the right fabric and embroidery formula, they can very well be transformed into a bridal outfit. If you’re ready to add an edge to your look, then this is just what you’re looking for.

Fascinating Florals

A wedding is a lively affair and it’s always flowers which add to that freshness. Be it floral jewelry, backdrop decor or floral centerpieces, they add a refreshing angle to the joy-filled ceremonies.

But, apart from decor, have you ever thought of a bridal outfit sprinkled with floral motifs? Floral embroidery blossoming into a breathtaking number is something to consider. An attire along the lines of that is certainly a unique option for a wedding, but stunning nonetheless.

Mermaid Lehengas

The seashore color palette is totally in this season. We’ve seen celebrities and onscreen brides rocking these shades and styles. So, how would you like a bridal outfit inspired by the mythical sea sirens?


This season, let silhouettes create conversations. A mermaid inspired lehenga will surely make for a sensual style statement. If you think it’s not apt for the wedding, then you can certainly go along with it for your reception.

Flaunt your curves with an outfit featuring a sophisticated dream-like fit and a ruffled end for an unusually elegant appearance.

Sophisticated White

Intricate laces, delicate details and an angelic appearance with a modern edge. Are you ready to stroll in a white bridal outfit pooling on the floor to live your Indian fairytale?

If yes, then go ahead with a sophisticated white Indian attire. A lehenga or a gown, there’s no wrong option. Make a choice and let us know about it in the comments!