Autumn Color Palette: 10 Autumn Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Autumn Color Palette: 10 Autumn Outfit Ideas You’ll Love
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As the earth slowly turns its back on the sun, mother nature is doused in the most riveting autumn colors. We reckon you take a dip in this palette too for some gorgeous autumn outfit inspiration to perk up your day. 

From soothing earthy colors to rich jewel tones, the fall color palette is full of warm, saturated hues that fit a minimalist wardrobe while also providing captivating visuals for your OOTD. Check out some of our favorite autumn outfit ideas that combine some of the latest trends while also revisiting a few timeless classics.

Plaid autumn outfit ideas

The twin plain skirt suits from a Clueless have become synonymous with Cher, a symbol of the show’s legacy. These suits fabulously cover the whole range of plaid prints- neutral browns, vibrant yellow and a fresh dark lavender-purple. The rustic plaid pajamas matched with a vintage red blouse from A Different World also leave an indelible mark.

Know your patterns! It can help you add dimension to your look and go a step further with layering. We’d say pleated plaid skirts are a fall/winter staple. And if you’re running short on time or low on energy, you may throw on a simple plaid dress in vivid contrast and pair it with chic accessories, like this heart-buckle belt and fuzzy cardigan. Plaid is also pretty versatile, as is evident here. You can create a cute two-piece outfit with it or opt for a bolder look with fishnets and leather.

Serena van der Woodsen may be known for her flamboyant looks but this Gossip Girl diva also knows how to tone it down without compromising with style. Here is a nice example of how plaid prints can also be used as accents if you’re not too keen on prints on the whole. A long patchwork-style coat in muted plaid is almost a wardrobe essential. Serena also superbly makes use of plaid tights by wearing them with thigh-high boots for a minimalist look.

Vibrant overalls

Love the artist-at-work aesthetic? These adorable overalls in lush autumn leaf colors are so much fun to wear for a day look. Layer them on top of a white shirt, pick up a statement bag and you’re good to go! The jumper-style overalls are an excellent choice for a dynamic routine while the dress is great for a brunch or even a walk by the beach!

Keep it classy with tweed

Tweed is another fall classic that we sure can’t miss. Here we’re turning to Blair Waldorf for our autumn outfit inspiration. Blair has mastered teaming up clashing prints and textures to give us some memorable looks over the years. Channel your inner Audrey with this gorgeous vintage tweed skirt suit. If you dare, you may also try some eccentric combinations like this blazer dress and the tweed skirt with a printed blouse, both worn with patterned stockings.

Floral prints

Jewel-toned floral prints look radiant in both a vintage shirt and a wrap-around skirt. If you wish for your autumn outfit to hold a cheerful spark and be spotted in the crowd, go for these loud prints to transform your wardrobe basics like a white tee or a black skirt. Complete the look with some mandatory fall makeup, matching hair ties and dainty gold jewelry. 

Slip dresses

Slip dresses are the powerhouse of autumn outfit inspiration and a must for layering when the cold hits. Basic white and black slip dresses have certainly retained their popularity but this time, I urge you to look at metallic shades for a glossy sheen that can also instantly get you party-ready. For a day look, team up the dress with a cozy sweater. You may accentuate the silhouette with a nice belt (or a belt bag!). And when the stars come out, you can shine brighter with this bold cherry wine-colored slip dress worn over a black turtleneck. Accessorise with a sling bag and chain jewelry. 


Leather boots and jackets are certainly a winter essential. What we often miss to acknowledge, however, is that they offer a lot more interesting textural variation than the typical goth or punk looks. Combine georgette or chiffon dresses with a riveted leather jacket or a gleaming slip dress or ribbed knitwear with a simple one. Bold leather boots look stunning when worn with long pleated skirts. 

Oversized knits

Chunky knits are the ultimate comfort clothing for the season. Whether you’re lazing around the house or heading to a cafe by the corner to grab your favorite cup of java, an oversized pullover or cardigan makes for an effortless and versatile style. You may create a suave contrast by teaming up a brown cable knit sweater with dark denim or keep it monochromatic for a more formal autumn outfit. Make sure to stock up on a few basic sweaters to combat the chill.


If you’re under the impression that wearing tassels has an age limit, allow me to change that opinion. These slender fringe accents can make any autumn outfit item more interesting, be it combat boots or a cowboy hat. If you’re up for that life of the party, you may even level up with a fringed flapper dress.

There are myriad ways to wear tassels, from keychains attached to bags to earrings with a boho feel. Sweet and sassy, they add playful intricacy to the ensemble.

Sweater vests

Sweater vests are a favorite to build up an academia aesthetic. They work perfectly to create a cute and formal look and can be layered expertly. Opt for darker colors thrown over a simple shirt with rolled-up sleeves for a casual everyday look or turn heads with warmer autumnal hues.

Silk scarves

Silk scarves help instantly elevate the look and also add a generous burst of color to your autumn outfit. With bold mandala prints or geometric patterns or a lush greenscape, you can take your pick and style accordingly. And if you think this is a ‘mom accessory,’ we hope the desire to match nature in its riotous display of colors will make you reconsider.