12 Art Challenges to Accelerate Your Growth

12 Art Challenges
Source: Draw 50 Things

Environments. Characters. Patterns.

Art is beautiful. If you’re into it, it’s what makes you feel giddy inside and also what will force you to pull on your hair and start ugly crying when you’re unable to get things right.

It’s because as artists, we lack patience and it doesn’t really help that we want to be better at EVERYTHING. 

While there’s no overnight technique to be an art god, participating in art challenges is a great way to rapidly improve your art.

From portraits to other complex subjects, here is a list of the best art challenges you can participate in to see visible improvement in your art.

Drawabox Challenge

Drawabox Art Challenges
Source: Drawabox

Drawabox in a nutshell, is fundamentals done right.

There are numerous art challenges out there, but nothing comes as close to this one if you’re considering to build and strengthen your knowledge of the art fundamentals. 

I like their approach where you begin learning to draw objects through basic geometrical shapes. Deconstructing complex objects is a great way to understand perspective, form and structure and add dynamism to your art.

Here’s to undoing things and re-learning them inside out.

100 Heads Challenge

Art Challenges by Ahmed Aldoori
Source: Ahmed Aldoori

100 Heads is a challenge initiated by Ahmed Aldoori, an artist known for coming up with useful art challenges and pushing himself through them. It’s only obvious why his art is the way it is.

The challenge is focused solely on head construction, where the participants are required to draw 100 heads in 10 days, so 10 heads a day it is.

It’s the perfect challenge if you’re looking to explore and understand how different angles and perspectives work when it comes to head construction. You can always take it a level up and try experimenting with expressions while you’re at it.

1000 Anatomy Sketches

Anatomy Art Challenges
Source: Xrxlxx on Deviantart

This challenge can be best recognized by #1000sketcheschallenge hashtag. It was initiated by Yuuza who took upon himself to draw 1000 sketches, focusing on anatomy.

For me, anatomy is one of the trickiest subjects. Sometimes I struggle to get the pose right while other times, I struggle to add rhythm to it and make it stop looking stiff.

But guess, what? Practice makes perfect. And this is one of the best art challenges to begin with practicing anatomy. 

While it’s great, I would suggest that when you try it out, make sure to have breaks when required to prevent yourself from getting burnt out.

500 Hands Challenge

Art Challenges Ahmed Aldoori
Source: Ahmed Aldoori

500 what!?

This is where I say, get ready to face your nightmares, my pals.

I see you’ve been struggling to move your hand to draw another, eh? The only way to get rid of fear is to look it in the eye.

To help you out with the same, I present to you, one of the most time consuming yet useful art challenges by none other than Aldoori, 500 hands in 1 week.

Turn your shudders into excitement and ride onto this challenge, by the end of which you’ll begin to see hands differently. 

They’re beautiful, really. Draw for yourself and see.

Meds Fall Fashion Challenge

Source: Ahmed Aldoori

Aldoori never fails when it comes to fueling up artists to try out new things.

Meds Fall Fashion is another one of his art challenges where you’re required to study, sketch and color 3 fall outfits everyday. Although it began during fall, you’re free to participate whenever you’re ready because it’s all about improvement. 

It’s your chance to render fabric, and get a good understanding of forms and folds. You don’t need to scour a fashion illustrator to learn that because this challenge is for just about anybody who is interested in learning forms concerning outfits.

I like how the challenge is centered around fall outfits, it’s actually amazing how you can get involved in understanding how layers work in clothing. 

Before getting started, you might want to have a look at all the amazing digital illustrations and traditional sketches posted under the hashtag #medsfallfashionchallenge.

Draw 50 Things

Draw 50 Things Art Challenges
Source: Draw 50 Things

This challenge is not for the faint of heart!

That’s what they say. It’s true though, this challenge is harder than the rest of the art challenges in this list. 

The idea behind Draw 50 Things is to encourage artists to take up complex, packed environments with 50 different yet recognizable objects. The final result can be similar to how we see environments in most of these games which are centered around finding hidden objects. 

As difficult as it may seem, it’s an important challenge to take up if you’re looking to work on compositions and prop drawings. 

Not only will this help you try multiple things at once, but also focus on visual storytelling.


Source: Huevember

One drawing, one hue and everyday until the end of November.

Huevember is an interesting art challenge which can help you get to know the colors and values better if you work through the month strategically. 

Although it starts every November, you don’t really have to wait for the gram and social numbers, do it for yourself, test out the colors and walk around the color wheel in 30 days.

It’s a great challenge if you’re looking to acquaint yourself with the color theory.

Get involved, choose your medium and start today.

Costume Design Challenge

Costume design challenge
Source: Weldon’s Ladies Journal April 1933

If you’re into fashion, you’re going to love this one.

Initiated by wearing history blog, this challenge is a chance to get down your creative designs onto paper or digital medium, whichever your prefer.

You can try out costume designs inspired by different fashion eras or cultural movements. Another option is to recreate movie scenes through illustrations and making the characters wear your designs. 

One costume a day, that’s what the challenge is about. How much can you check off the list? Get started and see for yourself. 

Speed Drawing Art Challenge

If there is one challenge which will impact your art the most in terms of accuracy, then it’s the speed drawing challenge. 

As per the challenges, you begin with choosing a list of subjects for the week or the month, as long as you want to practice and then time yourself. 

The first drawing should be alloted 10 minutes then redrawing the same should be just a minute and then 10 seconds. 

The purpose is not to get everything right, but to test how fast you can be with the same subject and how to pace yourself better.

12 Months of Art Challenges

If you’re not looking to improve in a particular area and just want to build a habit of drawing daily, then this list of prompts, month wise is the best option for you. 

You can doodle, letter, work on an environment, illustrate characters or get inspired to draw portraits based on the prompts. 

The prompts are only a starting point, you choose your canvas and the subject and let your creativity lead you.

100 Days of Pattern

Pattern Challenge
Source: Make it in Design

If you’re into patterns, textures and filling up the canvas, then 100 days of pattern by Make it in Design.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to patterns and doodles, go ahead and try out patterns on clothing, create stationery mockups or even patterns for room wallpapers.

All you’ve gotta do it get started.

30 Days of Sketchbook Challenge

Drawing for 30 days is a great way of cultivating a habit.

What’s even better is selective focus. By that, I mean that it’d be far more effective if you choose an area you want to improve on. 

It can be anything, portraits, anatomy or any subject you’re struggling with. Choose your subject and draw everyday, even if it is for 30 minutes. 

Which of these art challenges is for you? Pick up one and start now.