A Perfect Score In Citycore: All You Need To Know About The Aesthetic

A Perfect Score In Citycore: All You Need To Know About The Aesthetics

When Alicia Keys in ‘Empire State of Mind’ sang ‘Baby, I’m from New York!, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do, Now you’re in New York!’ every individual with the dream of making it big in their favored city felt that in their bones!

What is citycore?

Citycore aesthetics, also popularly known as Urbancore aesthetics, are based on the imagery of urban cities and metropolis life. Citycore, understood as on the other side of the spectrum of cottagecore, is affiliated with modern-day urban societies and has an emphasis on the metropolitan city life revolving around streets, skyscrapers, subways, and the hustle-bustle of planned cities.

Pursuit of the citycore aesthetic

Common themes related to citycore aesthetics are urban exploration- such as finding your way around train stations, alleyways, modern architecture, exploring city monuments, cafes, rooftop dinners, clubs, an assemblage of lights thriving with crowds and noise, late-night drives with friends, uber rides, festivals, concerts, dinner dates, quick coffee runs, flittering city lights through curtains, sunsets on highest rooftops and such.

Citycore fashion

Citycore fashion is heavily based on comforts and inconspicuous, androgynous clothing such as cargo pants, sneakers, oversized hoodies, mom jeans, loosely fitted jackets, crop tops, printed tees, plaid shirts, and flannel paired with minimal modern jewelry like sunglasses and watches with high-quality handbags. On the flip side, you’ll also find smatterings of glitter glam that light up urban nightlife.

Ambassadors of the aesthetic

Name a better ambassador for Citycore than the ever witty and legen – wait for it – dary, Barney Stinson, and the ever vivacious and fashionable, Blair Waldorf. Sarcastic, quick thinkers, independent, well-dressed, cherished, and ambitious are the few common virtues that make Barney and Blair from How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl respectively the best ambassadors for the Citycore subculture.

Visual Art

1931 ,The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Grant Wood

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s celebrated poem incited Wood’s 1931 painting of Paul Revere’s midnight ride within Massachusetts towns to warn about the arrival of British troops. Wood’s painting has a theatric spotlight and an aerial view with contemporary decorative geometry that gave the unpretentious narrative of the city with his signature modern art deco style.

1885, Blackman Street – London , John Atkinson Grimshaw

Known as The Inventor of Nocturnes‘, John was a celebrated self-taught Victorian-era painter whose work was dominated by city landscapes. Blackman Street, London is a Grimshaw-typical painting with an urban lit scene that smoothly graduates from warm to cool values and adds pleasing contrasts between organic shapes in the sky to the geometric city filled with dark figures.

1873, Boulevard des Capucines, Claude Monet

Painted from the studio of photographer Felix Nadar, Boulevard des Capucines captures the hustling life of the French capital to very minute detail. The hazy aerial perspective of a cold winter day is captured by the signature Monet style of sharp brushwork and amalgamation of the cacophony of color, movement, and light.

Visual Media

Sex and the City

The HBO series celebrates unconventional, sharp, driven women who learn to navigate their fabulous lives through career, dating, and friendship in the Big Apple. SATC featured some of the sharpest observations in women’s lives, underrated humor, and iconic fashion moments that invigorated girls to become the women who will ask and go for what they want with Vogue and Manolo in their hearts.

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is a multi-dimensional piece of cinema that captures characters and their development as they each unfold new aspects of their relations and blend it with quintessential romance, Hollywood glamour, laugh-out-loud comedy, extraordinary visual production, and the ever vibrant and colorful Asia.

Your Name

Your Name is an oxymoronic piece of cinema that is an escapist anime with a multilayered storyline and teen romanticism with realistic character portrayal which is achieved ornately by whimsical animation with utopian colors, compelling music score, astonishing cinematic touches, and ever picturesque Tokyo.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is one big cliche and that is what makes it irresistible and addictive. The series follows Emily to her new Parisian life after she lands a job at a French company and is spun away in romantic entanglements, charming friendships, a snobby boss, and never-ending majestic Parisian galas. The drama is filled with eccentric outfits, delectable confectionery treats, a beautiful cast, and the dreamy vivacious main character- Paris.

Brooklyn 99

B99 series moves along with a group of detectives in the 99th precinct of Brooklyn, New York who solve crimes and occasionally get on each other’s nerves. Clever jokes, unusual pairings, a diverse and talented cast, and sensitive writing are what make Brooklyn Nine-Nine the most satisfying and humorous feel-good sitcom of the season.


The Dog

“It won’t be long before we’ll be deafened by the screeches of whistles being blown by whistle-blowers blowing the whistle on themselves.”

The critically acclaimed writer Joseph O’Neill narrates The Dog through an unnamed, lost, and tormented Manhattan lawyer working in Dubai for a family of Lebanese billionaires. The vertiginous story symbolizes Dubai’s glittering sky-touching scrapers for the protagonist’s lack of moral ambiguity, hypocritical self-awareness, and his love for lustrous cities.

Sister Carrie

“How true it is that words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean.”

Theodore Dreiser’s first novel in 1900 is artistically characterized by its laconic descriptions that are filled with metaphors. The novel follows 18-year-old Carrie as she travels to the big city to pursue her American Dream. Sister Carrie, although a little crude at times has a compelling and committed narrative composition that keeps one engaged in Carrie’s long search for fulfillment.

Open City

“Each neighborhood of the city appeared to be made of a different substance, each seemed to have a different air pressure, a different psychic weight: the bright lights and shuttered shops, the housing projects and luxury hotels, the fire escapes and city parks.”

Cole’s 2011 debut novel focuses on a Nigerian immigrant student in a multiracial New York, who, after a turn of events, finds himself mulling over the present scenarios and meandering in the streets of Manhattan. Open City has a view and a viewpoint and the writer binds them well with sensitivity and compelling narration. The novel has received endless praise for its brainy prose, pseudo autobiography style, and scenic imagery of New York.