20 Styling Tips From Kpop Idol Fashion For When You Need To Dress Up

20 Styling Tips From Kpop Idol Fashion For When You Need To Dress Up

La vie en rose. So whether you wanna la ta ta your way into a party or turn up to that conference a little dalla, don’t overthink it! Sartorial flamboyance mustn’t be reserved only for weddings, and Kpop idol fashion shows it to us the best so that we always keep our best rhinestone-studded-fishnet-clad foot forward! 

You don’t have to be Carrie Bradshaw to bask in extravagance. Here’s a range of styling tips from the glorious word of Kpop idol fashion for all the kings and queens out there.

1. Let those eyes do the talking

Dramatic eye makeup can add sparkle to the most ordinary of outfits. Sometimes, all you need is a contrasting color palette to make your eyes pop like Sunmi does here with a cool blue against pale white. Other times, you may indulge in exuberant flame makeup art like the one Jennie slays in How You Like That

Kpop idol fashion is known to push boundaries and evade rigid boundaries of gender. Some of the best eye makeup looks that we’ve gotten have been a result of this refusal to conform. Baekhyun is famous for his killer eyes, the liberal eyeshadow coming as no surprise (but certainly memorable) for the singer. The boys of Ateez have also taken a highly experimental road, with Hongjoong’s pearl-studded eyebrow just one tiny (but impressionable) peak of it.

2. All that glitters

There are ways to incorporate glitter into every look and for every mood! From A.C.E. member Wow’s glitter eyebrows to Mina’s glitter-dusted scalp and sequin-lit eyelids, there are so many options when you wanna go shining through the city with a little funk and soul.

Here we have Kpop queens slaying sparkle- Lisa’s bold red lip exudes drama smeared with glitter, Solar braids shimmering fabric into her hair and Hwasa’s gelled baby hair curl artfully with glitter to frame her face.

3. Your skin’s a canvas

Jisoo’s dewy look with glistening skin and damp hair is stunningly complemented by the swooping curlicue patterns of her hair and metallic embellishments, perfect for a beach wedding. Rose’s dreamy butterfly tiara is matched by colorful embellishments under the eye.

Stickers, gems and flower applique designs can all be used for some gorgeous body art when attending a theme party or just to turn up the fun.

4. Jeans like Billie

While the cut-out or convertible jeans have been making headlines for a couple of years now with stars like Lisa and Sunmi flaunting them, 2020 especially saw some emerging denim trends. Kpop giants BTS and Gfriend recalled retro with tailored and colored denim suits. Twice turned it up on the funk with patched up, layered, corset and rhinestone-studded denim outfits for I Can’t Stop Me, proving denim can go high-glam too!

Blackpink, who ruled 2020, upped the denim game as we saw Lisa in this unique denim ensemble with a cutout neckline on Youth With You. The group also took to plenty of denims for both Lovesick Girls and Pretty Savage stages, two of our favorites here being Jennie’s sporty blue and white attire and Rose’s skillful layering as she dons a fringed denim shawl over a frilly lace top and woolen sleeves.

5. Two-toned hair, don’t care

While Kpop idol fashion is no stranger to going gaga on hair color, we’ve certainly been seeing a boom of two-toned hair of late. The 90’s model streaks, as donned by Jennie for HYLT, were among the hottest fashion moments of 2020. Other most noteworthy looks were Solar’s stunning half-blonde, half-black hair to match her chic outfit, a lighter undertone as opted by Lisa and Ryujin and Irene’s angelic blonde-dipped lower half.

From BTS’s V and most recently Jungkook to Ateez’s Choi San, the boys aren’t far behind in catching up to the trend and bringing out new variants. 

6. Layer it like a boss

Jungkook has indubitably emerged as one of the biggest Gen Z fashion icons in 2020, experimenting with his wardrobe’s somber color palettes to bring out some lovely effervescence. He’s also incredibly adaptable, as we see here in the layered animal print shirt and coat held in place by a belt, highlighting his honest-to-god-die-for waist. BTS’s photoshoot for Esquire was certainly one of their best and here too Jungkook layered up earthy tones with a vivid pop of blue peeking from the collar. V was also seen adding a simple but charming twist to the usual black suit with a red cardigan when attending an award show.

Blackpink experiments plenty with layering, be it Lisa’s embellished butterfly top worn over ripped tees and stockings and finishing the look with a large denim jacket for Lovesick Girls or Jisoo mixing in different aesthetics such as a casual chic pinstriped waistcoat and tie worn with balloon sleeves and denims or a corset dress layered over a long white shirt. 

7. Sour candy

Candy color palettes are something Kpop idol fashion has mastered in all forms. Pink, coral, peach and orange are warm hues you’re bound to find in a fall makeup palette. They’re super easy to create harmony with and blend in with any outfit, as commonly evident in Red Velvet’s style. Here we have Sana’s wet candy hair, Jungkook’s soft eye shadow and glossy looks flaunted by Suli and Sunmi.

8. Checkmate

Think checkered patterns can’t be fashioned into glamorous evening-ready ensembles? Here’s Nayeon to show you that it’s as simple as pairing up with a white shirt, a broad headband to match and reliable Mary Janes. Rose skilfully teams up her plaid skirt with a lacy blouse for a soft look. Other than plaid and tartan, bolder checkered prints such as Minnie’s red and white skirt suit as seen in the Dumdi Dumdi music video exude upscale glam too. Revisit Pentagon’s music video for Shine for some more plaid inspiration.

9. Bejeweled 

The girls of Blackpink turned the drama to the max with their makeup in HYLT. they were bejeweled goddesses in the music video. Some of our favorites were Jennie’s undereye rhinestone design, the crystals dangling from the accompanying dancers’ ruby red nails, Jennie’s lavish hairdo embellished with fabric braids and strips of rhinestones. This is another Kpop idol fashion trend men too have frequently embraced, as seen on Taeyong and Jimin.

Chungha adores bling just like we adore her. She liberally incorporates pearl and rhinestone embellishments into her makeup. A host of other idols, from Yiren to Hyuna, have also hooped on the trend and made it a staple.

10. Cyberpunk refurbished

The aesthetic, a nod towards the meeting of fashion and technology, is reflected in Chungha’s sleek monochrome outfits, Blackpink’s form-fitting stage ensembles, Lisa’s twinkling LED-studded leather jacket in Lovesick Girls and solo artist AleXa’s style.

With digital avatars and an overall futuresque concept, SM Entertainment’s newest girl group aespa made an explosive debut in 2020. The Black Mamba outfits and cinematography brought cyberpunk back in trend, with a twist of course. The aesthetic has been taken up for innovation many times before- we’re talking both ends of the spectrum- cybergoth as worn by Everglow and cyberdelic as frequently donned by ITZY.

11. Deconstructed

From Everglow’s edgy take on uniforms to Dreamcatcher’s bold and beautiful ensembles in red and white that were a crafty juxtaposition of vastly different fabrics, deconstructed apparel is another hot choice among the idols. Deconstructed blazers and dresses, like the one Lisa wore for a Bvlgari event, are a great option for formal occasions and a valuable addition to your minimalist wardrobe. BTS has also donned deconstructed and convertible coats and shirts, most notably in 2018 for Fake Love stages and during the SBS Super Concert.

12. A printed affair

V is known for his love for large, flashy prints that he carries with ease, be it for scheduled events or as casual wear. There’s no need to shy away from eye-catching prints. Other inspirations you can seek are Mamamoo and (G)I-DLE’s tied handkerchief outfit details in the AYA and Dumdi Dumdi music videos respectively, as well as Blackpink kicking it up with the moon print trend for HYLT.

13. Fairycore

Soft and dreamy looks created with gauzy, flowing fabrics and laden with flowers created a picturesque scene for Chungha’s music video for Play. The concept has also been explored by groups like Twice, Gfriend, IZONE and Dreamcatcher.

14. Athleisure

Mamamoo’s vibrant red and black outfits from Hip certainly left an impression. Athleisure is a trend readily popularized by celebs across the globe and also embraced in streetwear. It allows one to be sporty chic, whether attending an 8 a.m. lecture or going on a grocery run. 

15. Did you see my bag?

Bags are a vital accessory that complete an ensemble. Chosen carefully, they can also accentuate a simple outfit. In Aya, Moonbyul opted for a pouch with a thick golden chain to lend vibrancy to her black coat. Blackpink also made use of pouches and bag belts for their Lara Croft-inspired Kill This Love looks. The BTS member j-hope is known for his penchant for cool and funky bags like the acorn bag and his huge transparent tote bag that have become a vital element of his Hobicore aesthetic. 

16. 90’s love

Hip hop-inspired streetwear, logomania, heavy gold jewelry and layered flannel and cardigans popularized by boygroups of the time are just some of the retro looks dating back to the 90s that Kpop idol fashion has liberally indulged in and repurposed.  Some of our favorites are Mamamoo’s cropped tees from Dingga, BTS’s pastel co-ords from Dynamite, EXID’s eclectic prints, windbreaker jackets and baseball caps from Lady, Seventeen’s Left and Right outfits and NCT’s black ensemble from 90’s Love

17. Headgear that makes heads turn

From classy berets and bucket hats to flamboyant headgear, Kpop idol fashion gives perfect examples of how much of a difference the right accessories can make. Here are some of our girls taking it to the next level. And need we say that we are completely in love with Kai’s headgear sported in the film for his debut album

18. Retro future

We’re thinking neon, plastic and tons of shimmer! Just generally sorta-timeless-definitely-memorable pieces that have given us some iconic Kpop idol fashion looks.

19. A gothic romance

What’s drama without a little mystery? Dreamcatcher is your one-stop guide to extravagant gothic fashion and Dark Academia, chiefly in Scream and Red Sun. Gfriend and Taemin have also liberally experimented with the aesthetic. 

20. Off-duty rockstar 

We’ve obviously hopped on to the ‘rockstar Jungkook’ agenda! His bandmate Jimin too exudes major rockstar vibes in bomber jackets and tees. The Lovesick Girls ensembles also dabbled plenty with the aesthetic, showcased perfectly by Rose’s leather jackets, platform heeled boots, smoky eye makeup and our favorite- the pairing of leather with a vibrant yellow skirt.