20+ Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Pets To Rock

Don’t want your furry friends to feel left out on your Halloween celebrations? Get them a Halloween costume and let them hop in on the fun! Our pets are truly the joy of our life, great friends in times we need comfort or to let it loose, and cherished family members we come home to at the end of a grueling day. Check out these adorable, stylish and spooky Halloween costume ideas for your pets to flaunt.

Disney-inspired Halloween costumes

Get your canines feeling like royalty this Halloween! Revisit your childhood with these Disney-inspired costumes and let them enjoy the day parading around like a princess. From the red-haired mermaid Ariel to the buoyant Belle, you have a range of options to pick from. And while the dress is a must, don’t forget the hair to complete the look!

It’s a dog? It’s a cat? It’s a bat!

Bats and spiders are perhaps two of the animals that are most commonly associated with Halloween, having established terror in many of us humans. They are also an immensely popular choice of outfit for a Halloween party. Get your furry partners those spidey legs or bat wings so they can act like mascots of the occasion.

Aye aye, Captain!

Take your pets on a voyage with these ship captains and pirates-inspired Halloween costumes. There’s a whole range of outfits here to choose from. You could opt for a simple sailor uniform, make it cute with a Sailor Moon cosplay ensemble or go for a more adventurous look with accessories like a pirate cap, a treasure chest, an eye patch or Captain Hook’s hook glove.

Get ‘em the celebrity treatment 

My Mr. Meow sure loved soaking in the attention! Our pets love the pampering, so why not have them dress up as celebs to ensure all eyes on them? Get them a suit and tie to match with the president or the classic red MJ ensemble with curly hair. 

Giddy up!

Another very creative yet simple way to have your pets Halloween-ready is to get them a saddle with a puppet prince or headless horseman attached to the top. This certainly gets them right in character without being a hassle. 

Pets are superheroes too

Whether you’re team Marvel or DC, there’s plenty of showstopper costume ideas to dress up your pets. They might be the superheroes when it comes to your mood but this Halloween, they could also be more! And guess what? You could also match! The two of you could team up as Thor and Loki or Peter Quill and Rocket. Or maybe your little partner could be the shield to your Captain America or the hammer to your Thor. You may also look to cartoons for some superhero outfit inspiration- Perman, Teen Titans, Ninja Hattori, etc.

Foodstagram? Petstagram?

These adorable snack costumes certainly give wings to a foodie’s imagination. Simply pick up a hot dog t-shirt or a pizza slice cape for some last-minute getup that you can fix with ease. 

Or show your love for food chains by going all out with those fancy costumes that’ll transform your pets into a pack of McDonald’s French fries or a hefty Burger King burger, complete with trick-or-treat goodie bags.

Or perhaps you might love these cute little puppies dressed as colorful M&Ms or even an avocadog for yourself?

Who am I?

Halloween is also a wonderful opportunity for your cute little pet to rawr like a raptor or cuddle up with you like a bunny. You can get them cute animal costumes or even those of fantastical creatures like a unicorn or a nine-tailed fox.

Spooky soiree

These are some more typically Halloween costumes you can easily get your hands on. The traditional witchy garb or exoskeleton print are fairly popular.

Simple yet effective, a plain ol’ ghost clad in white and the Dracula or devil with horns and a cape are just as trendy options.

Halloween accents

If for any health or safety-related concerns that arise during Halloween, you don’t want to get your pets an elaborate outfit, a simple Halloween-themed hat will do too. You can also look towards other headgear options like a cowboy hat, a sheriff’s cap, a crown or collars for a dressed-up feel in case you’re worried about them getting fussy.

Wizards of paws

Your dog can certainly be the Fluffy to your Harry Potter if need be! This amazing Halloween twinning concept is a huge hit for parades and among lovers of the series, obviously garnering attention. Invoke the wizard (or witch) in you with these. You may also look for costumes of Hagrid, Dumbledore and other prominent characters to dress your pets up as. The simplest probably would be a House scarf.

Classic and cute

Look to the classics for more inspiration. From Star Wars to The Three Musketeers, there are countless memorable characters who make for unbeatable Halloween costumes.


An ode to this digital era, this iPhone costume is certainly impressive. 

Costume parties for pets have become increasingly popular, as have fancy dress competitions and Halloween parades rooted in the origins of Halloween traditions where you can dress up with your pets and get out on the streets. Don’t forget to give them their due treats, put out some toys and maybe even set up a few games for your pets. Most importantly, keep the event safe for your little ones.