10 Stunning Art Installations That Will Teleport You Into Another World

10 Stunning Art Installations That Will Teleport You Into Another World

Science states meanings; art expresses them.

John Dewey

Is digital art the next art movement in the history of art, architecture, and design?

The emergence of a plethora of digital mediums and technology has opened a whole new station of creativity, especially in the realm of art installations. Artists who now paint on their devices are as reputed as the traditional ones. Cybernation has transformed the reality of contemporary art with its hybrids of technology sprawled across every aspect of life. Digitization is empowering creatives to innovate and explore the road not taken and bring to life their multifaceted creations. Here is a compilation of those artistic geniuses who traveled through the realms of unexplored conceptual art and brought them home via transcendent art installations.

1. Claudia Bueno 

A hand-drawn time-lapse of 60 glass panels with white line drawings was brought to life when illuminated by Venezuelan artist Claudia Bueno. Inspired by the intricacy of natural organisms and their structures, Bueno created “Pulse”. The process for this art installation was meditative and exhilarating for Bueno and her all-women team. The multi-layered 2d drawings made up for a stunning 3d experience connecting Pulse to an endless reservoir of radiating energy that correlates everything and sustains the life of all beings.

2. Nicolas Tourte

Questioning the position of humans in this cycle of nature with derision – Nicholas, a French digital artist stemmed “Lupanar”. The inspiration behind this art refers back to Tourte’s travel diaries and his imagination of dust being carried away by turbulence of hot air towards the height. Portraying the invisible mechanisms of factors that govern nature, this interactive art piece embraces the space and flow of the unknown.

3. Mé

This hyper-realistic artwork by a Japanese art collective is a large scale ripply ocean water that marks the sixth installation of their Roppongi Crossing series of exhibitions. This three-member group exhibited  “Contact” in  Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan, depicting the turbulent nature of ocean tides in intensive detail. The trio designs their art installations around the theme of unreliability and ambiguity of the world and the manipulated understandings of its physicality. This installation also plays with viewers’ comprehension as the glistening water changes its course throughout the day due to daylight.

4. Refik Anadol

Embedding media arts into architecture, Anadol offers interpretations of actions within the brain with parametric information sculpture strategy and live audio/visual representation with the immersive art installation program. This celebrated artist at Pilevneli Gallery created “Melting Memories” on the materiality of remembering with the assistance of data paintings, augmented data sculptures, and light projections, enabling visitors to experience motor movements inside a human brain.

5. Ling-li Tseng

This minimalist spectral sphere of artist Ling-li Tseng and serendipity studio illuminated Taiwan’s lantern festival, summoning more crowds by formulating forest fantasy element to their biggest tourism event. The sphere is a wooden oval winding as a hollow pinecone with shimmering LED tubes and exudes a glow that covers the forest. According to Tseng, the art installation is a whisper between nature and humans.

6. TeamLab

Opening to the public from February 13, 2021, TeamLab’s interactive garden art projection is a statement on interactions between people and nature. Presented in Kairakuen Garden, one of the three significant gardens of Japan, this design collective produced 8 artworks splayed across the 3,000 plum blossoms’ field. Their art project explores the boundaries of digitized nature and how they can inculcate nature into art along with non-material digital technology that works towards turning nature into art without harming it.

Changing constantly, depending upon the interactions of visitors in the room, TeamLab rendered these huge bathhouse ruins into live art installations. Each megalith acts as a canvas for their theme “Flowers and People ” and “Universe of Water Particles” that is continuously interpreted by computer programs, making each patron’s visit novel.

7. Walter De Maria

Walter De Maria is a pioneering visionary artist of conceptual minimalist art. Spanning over 50 years, De Walta’s artistic legacy lies in his ability to make viewers confront mammoth scale art installations and expand their awareness of the environment of art. ‘Time/Timeless/No Time’, at Chichu Art Museum on Naoshima Island in Japan, is based on Maria’s recurring theme of the viewer’s relationship to the earth, and the earth’s relationship to the universe and establishing creations that are both physical and psychic.

8. Chris Engman

Colliding with home interiors is Chris Engman’s conceptual landscape art made from multiple large-scale photographs. Creating both celestial and domestic images, Engman’s work is the balance between fantasy and tangibility, which he designs through curated elemental photography medium. Deciphering the needs in human abodes, i.e., opportunity and shelter, he constructed the medium that affords both. “Equivalence,” “Landscape For Quentin” and “Refuge” are some of his most notable art installation projects.

9. Olafur Eliasson

Unveiled at the summit of Mount Grawand, on the Hochjochferner glacier in the Italian Alps, is the new permanent public work of art “Our Glacial Perspectives” by Studio Olafur Eliasson. A path heading towards the mountain’s glacial-carved ridge corresponds to a pavilion made from multiple steel and glass rings that include an orbicular deck offering a view over the edge of Mount Grawand. Inviting visitors to encounter planetary and glacial perspectives, Eliasson urges people to see global warming from wider perspectives.

10. Anish Kapoor

Gifted with the knighthood in 2013 for his contribution to visual arts, Anish Kapoor has created numerous celebrated installation art and conceptual art, from Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park to designing statuettes for the 2018 Brit Awards. “Leviathan” sculpture is dark purple-skinned with a translucent red bulbous rubber inside, designed for the fourth Monumenta exhibition in Grand Palais in Paris. The art installation is a technical and poetic provocation that leads the visitor on a tour of complete sensorial and mental discovery.